Sunday, 11 September 2016

How I'm getting along with my Tria hair removal laser*

See how I'm getting along with Tria at home laser removal

So I'm roughly now 3 treatments in now with my Tria Beauty laser since my first introduction post, each treatment you wait two weeks in between before re-treating the same area so it may seem like a small amount of treatments but it's been over a month now. So far though I'm already seeing some progress, especially on my underarms. I know it's still early days, so I can't expect huge results but I'm so far pretty impressed!

See how I'm getting along with Tria at home laser removal

For me my underarms would need shaved nearly each morning, which is a total and utter pain. But after my 3 treatments so far I can go over 2 days, obviously they aren't perfect but after 3 times I'm happy! Makes all the nipping laser feeling a little more worth it, eh! To be honest though, any pain is better than epilator pain.. my life!

I haven't noticed much difference in my legs apart from they're a little sparser in some areas, but I would imagine my legs will take a lot more patience than an underarm! I'm excited to see how much difference this makes my the end of it all!

Have you tried one of these out yet?

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