Wednesday, 5 October 2016

How I edit my Instagram photos

I love love Instagram, it's one of my favourite apps that I'm addicted to! I remember the time I used to post countless pictures of my dogs, and now I have OCD about my theme ha. I feel sad saying that, but I do really enjoy having a pretty theme though I know themes aren't everyones cups of tea. I thought I would do a post on editing Instagram images with my favourite app. I usually take my Instagram photos on my DSLR in bulk, but sometimes do take some with just my iPhone. My photos forever have a blue tinge cause of the bad lighting I have at home, I'm starting to grow to like the effect!

My favourite App is Afterlight - it's not free, but it's only 79p so not exactly breaking the bank! I was at one point obsessed with VSCO, but I changed my Instagram theme to the white borders a little while back (which I then changed back from), which VSCO didn't have. If you love a good filter/exposure VSCO is probably best for you, but if you want a white border of some form then Afterlight is amazing and so so easy to use. It also doesn't pixelate any of your images either, which made a huge difference to my Instagram..I haaate fuzzy images!

How I edit my photos:

I firstly boost the brightness (sometimes more than once depending on the lighting) then adjust the highlight to make the background whiter. I only adjust the shadow if the photo has a lot of dark shadows in it that I don't want, white backgrounds can be such a pain!!

 I nearly always have to sharpen the image to remove the fuzzy edges/logos, playing with all the filters and brightness can really mess with the edges of products. Sometimes even it needs the 'definition' upped if it's lost a lot of its shape, that's only usually when the photos been quite gloomy.

The colour sometimes gets lost when you're fiddling around with the brightness/exposure etc. Seeing as I post a lot of make up I don't really want the lipstick to be a shade of grey when it's actually a pink shade! Plus I love photos with a white background and bright colours. 

On Instagram Claredon and Skyline are my all time favourites for flatlays, but selfie wise I absolutely love Aden. Makes my hair shiny hahah. 

Before         &        After

Obviously how you edit your photos depends on the type of theme you're going for, but if you remotely like my theme this is how I do it! I love a good flatlay and obsessed with beauty so my theme is pretty much overtaken by both!

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What is your favourite Instagram theme? Or is it none at all?

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