Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Ok.. I'm a Colourpop addict

See my Colourpop haul here with swatches

So it may come to no surprise that I've ordered from Colourpop again, I literally can't help myself. I've loved everything I've grabbed so far so can't resist when I get emails telling me there is free international delivery.. You can see my other Colourpop hauls here and here. This is the first time I've ordered from Colourpop direct, every other time I've used mail forwarding services. This way was way quicker, but obviously free this time round!

See my Colourpop haul here with swatches

Seeing as it's Autumn/Winter time I knew I needed some nice wearable shades for these darker months. This is my favourite time of year for buying make up, orange and brown shades are my absolute favourites. I grabbed two more matte lippie stix, though I do wish I had tried the satin range too.. I'll leave that for my next order. 

See my Colourpop haul here with swatches

Elixr Eyeshadow - Now if this isn't the perfect Autumn/Winter shade then what is? It's a beautiful brick/burnt orange shade, this looks perfect on its own or with LaLa brushed over the top for a nice sparkle. This lasts pretty much all day on me with the Urban Decay Primer Potion underneath, I apply it with a flat brush so I can press the shade evenly across my lid. 

Stereo Eyeshadow - Stereo is a burgundy shade with copper sparkles in. This is a lot less of a blackcurrant shade than I expected, I know its burgundy but the swatches made it seem more on the purple side. I love wearing this on its own on my lid or even as a dark smoke in the corner.

Lady Lippie Stix - I really wanted a nice new vampy shade for AW (not that I don't already own enough) and this looked perfect. It's a burgundy shade that is quite similar to Diva but a lot more matte than Macs version. I do find this clings to my lips a little more than my other shades, but a good lip scrub and balm really help.

Hollywood Blvd - This has become my favourite Colourpop Lippie Stix I've bought so far, it's a yellow toned brown and is just so flattering. It's probably the brownest lip shade I own but it's also so wearable. Again this is drying but still nothing lip scrubs don't solve. This lipsticks since snapped in the tube since I've had it (no idea how), so it's a nightmare to use. Could cry as it's my fave.

Ultra Matte Beeper - Yes I bought another brown toned shade, I can't get enough of them! This to me is a 'my lips but better' type shade, it's a lovely dark toned mauve-brown shade. Its perfect for everyday wear and some comfortable on your lips.

Ultra Matte Luminere 2 - I have the Lippie Stix version of this lipstick and I love it! So I knew I had to grab the liquid lip version. It's a dusty pink shade, but on my lips it has a lovely lilac tinge to it. At first I was a little surprised how dark it was compared to the Luminere Lippie Stix but I can't stop wearing it now!

Elixr, Stereo, Lady, Hollywood Blvd, Beeper and Lumiere 2 swatches

Elixr shows up a lot lighter in photos, but on your lid it's a lot more like a red brick orange.

I literally couldn't fault Colourpop for how cheap their products are but still so good. I already can't wait to grab stuff I haven't managed to yet! I'm definitely grabbing some of their Satin Lippie Stix too!

Whats on your Colourpop wish list?

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