Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Kylie Cosmetics Pumpkin and Spice

Pumpkin and Spice Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kits
Pumpkin and Spice Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kits

As much as I love Kylie Lip Kits, I very rarely buy them as I hate the fees and the faff of trying to buy them. That's until I saw Pumpkin and I knew I needed that shade asap, yep really did. Another shade may have snuck into my order, but seeing as I was making one anyway I may as well have. I really wanted Smile at the time too, but I completely missed out on that one and it was a one off - little cry as it was an amazing shade! These two aren't my first Lip Kits, my first two were Posie K and 22 - which are amaaazing. This time I thought I would try out buying with a mail forwarding service through MyMallBox rather than directly to see if it was cheaper!

Pumpkin and Spice Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kits

I thought Spice and Pumpkin would be the two perfect Autumn/Winter shades, not that I don't already have like 1000 but another two wouldn't hurt. I do have heaps of liquid lipsticks but out of the lot my Kylie Kits are one of my favourite formulas. They last near enough all day (unless you eat something super greasy) and they're really comfortable on your lips. Sometimes liquid lipsticks can be quite a struggle in the colder months but the creamier formulas like this and the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream shades are a lot easier to wear. Also nothing a good lip balm and scrub can't help either. 

Pumpkin and Spice Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kits swatch

Pumpkin is a burnt orange-red shade and by far one of my favourite lipstick shades to date. Bearing in mind how pale I am, this shade really warms up your face and is really flattering. As much in the tube it looks quite bright, it's a lot more brown toned on and is really warm. The perfect Autumn/Winter shade!

Spice is a deep raspberry plum shade and is so bright, it reminds me slightly of Mac Hang Up but obviously the matte version. Perks of it being a liquid lipstick also means that it doesn't bleed. This is my first quite 'dark' Kylie shade, and as much as I love it, it does take a little more work than what the other shades do. If you don't apply it evenly it can go on quite patchy, so you need to work quickly with it before it dries. Once you have it on though it's beautiful and another perfect shade for this time of year!

Seeing as I hate paying the fees with the Kylie Lip Kits I was pretty impressed with using MyMallBox, although my order didn't come the quickest because I chose the cheap shipping I can deal by not getting extra £20 charges. I paid $11.54 to ship it to my work, and luckily hit onto the free US shipping on Kylie Cosmetics so it worked out so much cheaper! I'm definitely using this again for some more Lip Kits or Colourpop!

Have you grabbed any new shades lately?

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