Sunday, 6 November 2016

There is nothing prettier than Spectrum Brushes!

See my Spectrum brushes 10 peice collection review here

If you follow me on Instagram you probably know by now that I'm obsessed with Spectrum Brushes. Not only do they just look absolutely amazing, they're super super soft too. I haven't own a full set of Spectrum brushes before, the set I currently have is the 4 Piece Contour Set which I love! I was so so glad to get my hands on the 10 Piece Essential Set, best way to finish off my little collection.

See my Spectrum brushes 10 peice collection review here

There is a mixture of face brushes and eye brushes in the set so it's a perfect place to start if they're your first brushes. Spectrum have swiftly taken over to be my favourite brushes, that's even over all my Mac ones that everyone once used to rave about. These brushes are super soft, there isn't an ounce of that scratching feeling you can get with some brushes. They also wash really well and they don't lose their colour (which is what I mostly worried about)! Oh, and they don't cast! Miracle.

In this set:

B01 - Flat Top Buffer - This is amazing for blending any concealers, contours or foundation. I'm not one to use brushes with my foundations but this is fab for all my cream contours.

A01 - Large Domed Powder - I love this brush for dusting off all my loose powder, I always bake my face with my Vichy loose powder and seeing as this brush doesn't collect loads of product it's perfect to dust it off.

A05 - Small Angled Blush - This is my favourite brush to use for contouring, it brushes under my cheekbones perfectly.

B03 - Buffing Concealer - I must admit, it's not all that often I reach for this. I only ever use this when I'm using a yellow concealer under my eye that needs blended. It's perfect for blending any smaller areas.

A06 - Large Fluffy Shader - There's nothing I love more for my eyes than a flat backed brush, they're perfect for pressing any shadows onto your lid. Even more so if you use glitters, they're my favourite!

B06 - Tall Tapered Blender - You always need a blending brush for your eye make up, nothing worse than unblended shadow!!

B04 - Small Angled Blender - This is your perfect brush for adding any shading to your eye make up, I use this to blend a darker shade into the corners of each eye.

A17 - Angled Brow - Clue slightly comes with the name with this one, a brow brush. I bought an angled brow brush from Mac and I hated it cause it was so flimsy! I love that this one holds it shape to help you get a perfect line under your brow.

A15 - Lip Liner - It's not all that often I use a lip brush, but I was recently sent the Rimmel Matte collection and they all need brushes to get a smooth line with. So this has came in so handy!

A09 - Angled Eyeliner - I love gel eyeliners, so I use brushes like these so often. This is actually my first ever angled one though! It's so much easier to use. Brushes are the easiest way to get the perfect flick!

I loooved these brushes and so glad they're now added into my collection! Now I feel like I need to rest of their new collections though, they're just all too pretty!! Have you tried Spectrum brushes before?

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*These were sent to me to review, but all views are my own.

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