Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Rimmel Scandaleyes

Rimmel Scandaleyes Collection

I literally couldn't tell you the last time I used a Rimmel mascara, there was one time I used to swear by high street mascara but that was before I discovered the likes of Benefit and WunderLash. It's quite nice to actually try some of the new ranges that are out there, there is literally sooo many different types of high street mascaras now I don't know where to start! Eyeliners on the other hand, are ones I've always struggled with. There is very few on the high street that are any good, but I've tried so many pen versions that were completely useless (Collection I'm looking at you the most). 

Rimmel Scandaleyes Collection

The orange mascara is the waterproof version and the black mascara is the normal black mascara. I'm not used to having a mascara with such a thick brush, all the new mascaras always seem to have small thin plastic brushes which I've got too used to. So it did take a little while to stop prodding myself in the eye with this or getting it all over my face. My favourite of the two of these is 100% the orange, I don't quite know why the formulas feel so different but the black mascara is so watery and flicks all over my face. The orange on the other hand is one of my favourites, it lasts all day and is so easy to apply. It spreads your lashes evenly and makes them so much longer, it doesn't add that much volume but that's nothing a swish of liner doesn't fix.

Rimmel Scandaleyes Collection

The liners though, are my favourite. Who would have thought that a pen eyeliner that doesn't transfer all over your lid throughout the day exists?! I've tried the majority of other pen liners such as Collection, NYX etc. and they just didn't last or apply well. Although I love the normal Rimmel liquid eyeliners there is something about a pen liner which is so much easier to use. One of these liners has a chiseled nib and the other pointed nib, I will admit I haven't a clue how to use the chiseled one.. but the pointed one is the best one I own! I think I may have mastered the small cat eye look!

Have you tried any of the Scandaleyes range?

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