Saturday, 11 February 2017

Blogging Lately...

Struggling with blogging blues

Help, I can't blog....

Maybe it's just me, or maybe everyone else is in the same boat as me but are just better at tackling it than I am. But.. I just can't get into blogging any more!? I love it, but lately I just feel like all the engagement is gone and it's all going slightly downhill (well here it is anyway). All my spare time seems to have disappeared too, how did I fit all this in?!

I've struggled with blogging since about September last year, a big change in my life meant I had a little too much going on to blog all the time (lol, single life). Now after my time off blogging twice a week I just feel it isn't quite the same. I love the community but everything seems to be dwindling here, my stats are down which in turn make me feel down about blogging then it becomes a vicious circle.. The fact my full time job and university are a little more demanding is making me struggle too. This used to be my escape from it all but lately I'm just not feeling it! Even the Get Your Sh*t Together book hasn't given me a boost and everyone has raved about it!

Maybe I need an overhaul, maybe I need to up my game.. who knows! But I really want to get back to loving something I've enjoyed so much. Maybe it's opening up my niche a bit more to other things I enjoy doing! If someone would point me in the right direction that would be fab! But if you're wondering where I've been lately this is why, I really need to get back into a schedule!! I'm going to take a few days off again (hence no post tomorrow) and try and redesign and get myself back to the norm!! (s.o.s).

How have you gotten over your blogging blues? x

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