Sunday, 5 February 2017

Yet more Colourpop..

Colourpop haul with highlights and lipstick

Ok, ok, ok, I really need to get a grip. I really did not need umpteen amount of highlights and lipsticks, like I don't already have enough? But I did, Colourpop have swiftly became my favourite make up brand and I literally can't stop buying their stuff! I'm already plotting my next order.. good job I'm skint this month as it's stopping me buying more again. I actually don't have anywhere to even store my lipstick collection anymore.. I think I have to invest in some shelves.
Colourpop haul with highlights and lipstick

So I bought the highlight trio Cookies, unfortunately the set isn't on anymore but you can still buy them all individually for cheaper than you would most other brands anyway. In this set you get the highlights Stole the Show, Smoke n Whistles and Lunch Money. My Stole the Show came broken (how dare you ruin my photos) and apparently that doesn't warrant Colourpop replacing it.. but I squidged it back together and it's still a lush silver highlight - reminds me of Lightscapade from Mac. Smoke n Whistles is a pink champagne shade and is swiftly my favourite of the bunch, it reflects light with so many different tones. Lunch Money is light gold shade, it's so pigmented and shows up so well without having some form of gold tribal stripe highlight.

Colourpop haul with highlights and lipstick
Colourpop haul with highlights and lipstick

I also bought the lip set Just Peachy which are some of my new favourite shades. In the set it included Screenshot which is a deepend peach satin lipstick, this is my favourite.. its's darker than most peach tones which makes is so wearable. Instigator which is a pinker peach shade, it's almost a dusty pink/peach duo in matte. Speed Dial which is a darker peach shade in matte too, this is a lot more terracotta/peach, it's so nice! This is all coming from someone who hates peach lipsticks!

Colourpop haul with highlights and lipstick

As I was desperate to try more of the satin lipsticks I also grabbed Barracuda which is a dark rose shade and November which is apparently a warm peachy pink but I find it more light mauve pink! I now know why everyone raves about this formula, it's not drying but lasts nearly as long as their matte shades. It's such a comfortable lipstick formula to wear, I'm now addicted. Now I haven't had much luck with the Lippie Stix, but I thought I would try again and I grabbed Mosh Pit which is a warm brown shade. The last brown Lippie Stix I got snapped so I wasn't overly impressed.. but there is something I love about this shade. You can reapply this one without it going claggy like a lot of the other shades do.

Colourpop haul with highlights and lipstick

Last but not least I also grabbed the eyeshadow in Porter from the Kathleen Lights range, it's a lush burgundy shade which looks lush on its own. This shadow is a lot softer than my other ones so it's a little harder to pick up, but there is no fall out so I'd rather build it up to a shade I want. I has lovely gold flicks of glitter in it, this with LaLa over it is my favourite for a night out!

What have you grabbed from Colourpop recently? Or what are you wanting to grab?

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