Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Skin Chemists Rose Quartz Facial Oil

Skin Chemists Rose Quartz Age Defence Youth Facial Oil

Face oils used to really freak me out, mostly cause I have oily skin. Oil and oil?!? Really? But yes, really! This Rose Quartz oil has won me over completely. I tried out another brand recently which I did love but it had the weirdest smell ever that it put me off using it, this on the other had has such a light floral smell. Don't let the 'rose' put you off, I hate really floral scented products, especially for my face, and this doesn't bother me in the slightest and to be honest I can barely smell the scent!

Skin Chemists Rose Quartz Age Defence Youth Facial Oil

To apply this I drop 2-3 droplets onto my fingers and rub onto my face, this dries super quickly though so you need to apply it quickly! But, I've also never been happier that this dries quickly, nothing I can't stand more than feeling the greasy residue off an oil. Yaaaak. It also has a handy little dropper too so you don't waste any pouring it out, I think it's called a dropper anyway?! 

I started using Skin Chemists when I got their Advanced Caviar serum and moisturiser, I've literally swore by them since then. They're not a budget brand, but I do think you get what you pay for when it comes to skincare. Possibly the closet to high street skin care I own is Micellar Water (which I love), but the rest it a little more 'mid range'. 

This oil usually retails for £150 but it is currently on offer at £24.99 (bargain)! I would honestly grab this while you can, it's now my all time favourite product for making my skin look less dehydrated. The horrible North East weather really drains my skin, plus uni stress and life (ha). Plus, until the end of February if you purchase it using the code NEWEYESBLOG you get 20% off the current offer already and get it for £19.99 (here)... perks!!! 

I'm currently debating whether to stock up in case I run out! Have you tried this before? Or what is your go-to skincare product?

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*This product was sent me to review, but all views are my own.

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