Sunday, 9 April 2017

Battle of the liquid eyeliners

My favourite liquid eyeliners
My favourite liquid eyeliners

Eyeliners have always been a struggle for me, I am forever looking for one that actually does what it says.. or doesn't dry up after 1 use. Apparently when I was an emo it didn't matter what a liquid liner was like cause I coloured my whole eyelid in it, least then I didn't have to try and perfect a cat flick without it sensing my fear. It does actually sense your fear, I'm not even kidding.

I'm still trying to find the 'best' liner, but I think I have found one or two I will continue to keep buying until that one is ever found. Hence the if.

My favourite liquid eyeliners
Rimmel Exaggerate Liner, Kat Von D Tattoo Liner, Rimmel Scandaleyes Micro, Rimmel Scandaleyes Bold and Rimmel Thick and Thin

I've become quite drawn to pen liners, mostly cause they seem 10x easier than others. Possibly might be my ridiculously long nails which make smaller brush applicators harder to use, or they're just hard to use anyway. Only downside of pen liners is that they seem to dry out a lot quicker than liners, no matter what I do I can never salvage them either. I store them nib downwards, I put the lids on.. nope.

Out of these bunch, my absolute favourites will always be the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner and the Rimmel Scandaleyes thin nib. The others are a-ok, but haven't blown me away. I also apologise the majority seem to be Rimmel, but the black Collection liners I have tried weren't even worth a photograph... terrible, and my NYX one dried up after a week... so yes don't buy those!

What is your favourite liner?

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