Sunday, 16 April 2017

Change of season skin care

Change of season skin care needs

I really hate this time of year for skin care, I literally hate taking care of my skin.. ridiculous really when it's something I probably should take care of. But the transition from Winter to Spring makes me skin soooo dry. Fake tan probably doesn't help matters but I have just switched to a oil fake tan so lets see if that helps, but thats for another post. 

So I don't own a whole lot of body moisturisers, I'm pretty limited and clueless when it comes to them. But because it sounded easy, I grabbed the Vaseline spray moisturiser which is the best thing ever. Though, don't spray this near wood flooring as it becomes a slip and slide (funny though). I always use this just out the shower and it absorbs straight away, I hate slimey residues so it's perfect!

Feet wise, I haaaate. I mean they're pretty much the grossest thing on a human. But you can't have dry trotters and wear sandals cause that's just ugly, so you need a good moisturiser. I use this Elizabeth Grant moisturiser each night!

Change of season skin care needs

Face wise I have a few which I switch between, though I do try to stick to the same brand so I don't break out. My skin doesn't agree with 10x different smelling products on it! My Skin Chemists Caviar Serum is a moisturiser I use every day, I have like a dribble left in it now and I'm ready to cry! It creates a moisturised base for my foundation which is my favourite.

Night time skin care wise I mix between different ones, sometimes I feel my skin needs an extra bit of tlc and use an oil, other times I use my normal moisturiser. My Rose Quartz Oil is one of my favourites, I was one of those people who vowed to never use oil cause I have oily skin.. I was so wrong. When my skins playing up I always put a few drops on of this at night. Every other night I use my Skin Chemists Advanced Pro-5 Collagen Night Cream to help my skin repair for the next morning. I always use my Lush Cosmetics Grease Lightning every night to avoid getting any blemishes.. every one needs this in their skin care range. I swear by it!

The Lush Cosmetics Mask of Magnamity and Glamglow Supermud are the two best face masks I've ever tried. I haven't been buying Glamglow for a while now as it's a little out my budget when I'm saving for two holidays, but they nicely sent me a little sample which has reminded me how much i love it! Using these a few times a week keeps my skin from breaking out! Which I will definitely need after consuming my weight in chocolate this weekend.. woops.

P.s. ... you can also grab 20% off the Skin Chemists Advanced Pro-5 Collagen Night Cream using my code NEWEYESBLOG. Easter perks!

What are you go to skin care products?

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