Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Trying Out Oil Cleansing / Skin Gritting

Oil Cleansing / Skin Gritting

I always find that no matter what blackhead treatment you use they never seem to do it properly. And I'm definitely not one to try those blackhead masks as I don't want to ruin my skin in the process. So scrolling through Facebook like the morning paper when I saw an article by Metro on 'Skin Gritting'. I was intrigued, especially that for once I actually owned the products mentioned. It usually resorts in me spending £50 on some fancy mask that will do nothing anyway!

So anyhow, 'skin gritting' is the process of applying a cleansing oil to your skin and rubbing it in, applying a clay mask over the top for 10-15 minutes, removing, then massaging the cleansing oil into your face again afterwards. The second oil cleanse is the bit that pulls all your blackheads out. I've so far used my GlamGlow mask and Rivage mask alongside my Skin Chemists Rose Quartz Oil and they've made my skin feel amazing. I should also mention, it should be a mud mask when 'skin gritting' also!

Oil Cleansing / Skin Gritting

I was a little dubious at first, although I didn't expect it to be like the pictures, I didn't expect it to work at all (like most other things). I don't exactly have all that many blackheads but my pores are naff no matter what I do, so I like to try and keep my oily skin problem free (so far so good). But I was impressed to be able to see what I was cleaning out of my skin! My skin felt super super soft and smooth afterwards so I'm definitely going to make it a frequent part in my skin care.

It's been over a week since I last did it and I still haven't had any breakouts from it and my skin still feels clear. I won't be doing this every week, as I don't want to strip my skin of its natural oils too often. So I may do it once every other week to keep it clear!

Have you tried skin gritting before?
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