Sunday, 7 May 2017

Tarte Maneater Collection

QVC Tarte Maneater Collection

So when this goes live I'll be in Amsterdam with some of the blog girls, but that is a post for when I get back! But this post is based on my other blog girls influencing me to get this, I mean when everyone was going on about this I just couldn't resist! I mean, how couldn't I? What spending ban was I on? Forgot about that.. But technically this was a bargain as QVC had it up for £43! Now, can I buy all the other collections too..

QVC Tarte Maneater Collection

I've never tried anything from Tarte other than their Amazonian Clay blushes, which I wasn't all that blown away by now I look back though it is a nice shade. But these on the other hand, I am in love with. It's rare I'll find a lot by a brand that I'll like, theres usually always that one thing in a set which is naff. I'm literally loving all of these though, plus I've wanted to try the foundation for an age now but never knew what shade to get! 

QVC Tarte Maneater Collection

I got the Amazonian Clay Foundation in Fair Sand, which is currently a little too light for me as I'm layered in fake tan.. But it's so nice! I would say it's pretty full coverage and more on the matte side, but it doesn't go cakey at all! It does cling a little to dry patches so always make sure you use a good moisturiser prior to applying it!

This is my first Tarte eyeshadow, and please let me know why I don't own more. As well as smelling like chocolate, the shades are literally amazingly pigmented. I haven't stopped using it since I got it last week. It may even travel to Amsterdam with me! 

Now I'm not a lover of non-matte lipsticks, which you have probably noticed by now. But this lipstick is so comfortable and nice to wear I've been converted. It does have a lipgloss duo end which probably won't get used alllll that much, but it's such a pretty topper and a lovely colour for Summer! Do I need more Tarte lipsticks??

The eyeliner is more of a kohl liner, I did expect it to be a liquid so I was a little disappointed cause that's more so what I use. But this does come in handy for nice smokey eyes and adding a smoke to my lower lash line. I do love the fact you don't have to sharpen it though, pet hate of pencils!

I'm currently swimming in mascaras to trial (as you can probably tell from my mascara post), so I was a little upset having to break this ones seal when I have no many others on the go. But I had to try it out, it was taunting me. This has a really similar wand to Benefits They're Real, which I also love, but this actually washes off unlike They're Real! The wand easily separates your lashes and doesn't crumble through the day.

I'm so glad I was tempted into getting this, I'm in looove! Now, do I buy the other set or??

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