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Things to do in Amsterdam

Things to do in Amsterdam

As you probably saw from my 800 Instagram photos, I love Amsterdam! I did have every intention to go back this year but I think I've ran out of time for the rest of the year and probably holiday money. Someone come with me next year pls. So after I've waffled about Amsterdam for months, I thought I would do a little round up post of the things you can do when you visit. We didn't get the chance to do everything, but I'm happy to visit more often and tick a little one off each time! 

I've been to Amsterdam in both Winter and Summer, and although I'm a total Autumn lover I much prefer Amsterdam in the Summer time. It's warm, but not crazily warm, and nice and sunny to look around all the beautiful places in the City.

Things to do in Amsterdam

The canal tours are one of my favourite things to do, I love learning about all the history of the different places and buildings (buildings is my geeky job side coming out). There is so many unusual homes that you'll drive past when on the canals that you would never know about if you just walked past them normally, it's a great way to learn about the history of the city!

Things to do in Amsterdam
Things to do in Amsterdam


There is a few 'different' types of museums you can visit in Amsterdam, you can go really cultural or cliche. I've personally enjoyed doing both, you have to visit the Sex Museum in Amsterdam or did you really go?! If you want to do more cultural, there is the Museum District which depending on where you are staying, is only a short tram/bus ride. I've only so far visited the Rijksmuseum, which is just a beautiful building filled with amazing art. But just outside of here is the Iamsterdam sign, which isn't what you expect, there is people everywhere!! So it's quite hard to get a decent photo of it.

There is also a Banksy museum in the MOCO museum which I'm desperate to get to. That one is definitely on my next trips to do list! There is also the Madamme Tussauds museum in the Dam Square, I love the hustle and bustle around this area. You can sit on the monument with amazing views, or sit in the nearby cafes. Madamme Tussauds is a good way to kill an hour, we did it when it was a bit cloudy to keep warmer. Obviously I had to get the needed ET photo of me on the bike too. There is also beautiful views from the windows onto the Dam Square!

Things to do in Amsterdam
Things to do in Amsterdam

Canal Walks

I know a 'canal walk' isn't exactly something to do, but it's something I never get sick of. I love walking around the different streets, stopping off for drinks and people watching. There is nothing more interesting that the people of Amsterdam, whether they're Tourists too or just how laid back the locals are. 

Things to do in Amsterdam
Things to do in Amsterdam
(Photo - AshtonGibbs)

Food and Cafes

While in Amsterdam you have to try the street food, it is literally everywhere and it is amazing. Who needs restaurants when there is literally a cafe/store on every single corner! My personal favourite has to be waffles covered in hot Nutella (drool), but nothing also beats a giant piece of pizza or hotdog either! The Grasshopper is also a beautiful spot to sit outside with views of the Canals in the sunshine!

There is also a Hard Rock Cafe in Amsterdam which is nice for a good interesting meal, although it's not in the centre you can get there easily by taxi or bus. We always found that you have to book to go here just to avoid a long wait, but then again I've never been through the week to compare! Nothing beats a good burger and ribs from a Hard Rock Cafe!

If it's your cup of tea, there is also the 'cafes' such as the Bulldog Cafe. I always love how unusual these places feel! They're so upbeat but not like some crazy bar, we just sat outside of here in the sunshine with a glass of coke and a cake and people watched!

Things to do in Amsterdam

Day Trips

There is amazing trips to do in Amsterdam, but it will all depend on what you want to do whilst you're there. I haven't done any yet as I can't pull myself away from wandering around the city, but there is a few on my list for next time. There is the floating flower market on the Singel Canal, which you need to google, it looks amazing! A market that floats on a canal?! You can also visit the Windmills on a hal day tour, the Heineken Museum (if you like beer) and also the Ice Bar - which is quite close to the Red Light District!

Things to do in Amsterdam

Night Life

There is nothing I love more than a good Irish Bar, and Amsterdam has those. My favourite one, which I always go back to, is Slainte Irish Pub. Everyone is so so friendly and where else can you get cheesy chips and a jug of cocktail! I mean, I do think they tipped me, Ashton and Kirsty over the edge seeing as we weren't home until 7am...! There is such good bars/nightclubs along Warmoesstraat, it's my favourite area!

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Things to do in Amsterdam

There is so so much to do in Amsterdam, I don't think it would even be possible to do everything in one trip. I'm hoping to go again next year and go to the flower market and the Banksy Museum, who's coming back with me?

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