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Travel: Booking a cheap weekend in Majorca

Booking a cheap weekend in Majorca
Photo by Ashton.

Instead of wasting my money on nothing like I usually do, I've decided I would rather spend my pay going and travelling places I haven't been. So far this year I've been to Amsterdam, Turkey and Majorca, and I've still got another Turkey trip and Iceland to go. None of my trips this year have blown a budget and I've kept them all quite sensible so I can go on a few rather than one big blow out one. As I love meeting my blog girls Ashton and Kirsty, we decided to book a nice long weekend in Majorca. I haven't been to Majorca since I was 17 and went to Magaluf, so I was intrigued to go back and see what it was like!

As we each have trips this year that we already had booked, we needed a good budget long weekend somewhere where we could enjoy ourselves and not worry about spending money. Getting a good budget one exactly where we wanted meant we needed to book our accommodation last minute. So we booked our flights knowing when we wanted to go for and left it like that. Skyscanner is always super helpful when you're looking for the best budget flights, and you can taylor it to however you like to fly. Me personally I prefer flying direct, but you can get cheaper flights by have stops sometimes!

One week before we went away we looked for our hotel, this may not be for everyone but if you want a good last minute deal I always find it the best way. We did have a back up ready with free cancellation if we couldn't find one in Palma Nova like we wanted, but alas when we spied one on the app. We found a last minute all inclusive deal to go to The Globales Mimosa in Palma Nova. I love going all inclusive as it means you don't have to worry about spending a penny whilst you sunning it by the pool! Which is all we intended to do!

Booking a cheap weekend in Majorca
Booking a cheap weekend in Majorca

Our budget was to spend roughly £300 each including our flights, obviously depending on the standard of hotel you want you may have to pay more. But we weren't bothered as long as it did everything we needed and we had a good time. It doesn't matter where I'm going though but I ALWAYS scower TripAdvisor before booking. I need to know that it's liveable or I worry. But to us it was perfect and we booked it on the Saturday and flew the coming Friday. The Globales Mimosa was pretty standard, but the staff were the nicest bunch and I've ate enough chips to last me a lifetime! Me and Ashton also became shooting pros, darts is yet to be mastered though..!

Booking a cheap weekend in Majorca

Although we did intend to have a quiet lazy holiday, we we're somehow talked into doing a Magaluf Bar Crawl. I'm blaming Kirsty for wanting to drown her sorrows after losing her passport. I don't quite know how we survived, and strolling in at 6am I was slightly worse for wear on Sunday. Also makes it slightly worse that Kirsty has vlogged our night in Maga, so see us in our natural habitat here. You also definitely can't remove the inner Northerner from me, cheesy chips forever!

Booking a cheap weekend in Majorca
Booking a cheap weekend in Majorca

I'm quite enjoying this travelling side of blogging, it's a nice change from the usual! I have a few more coming up too, so I really hope you're enjoying them! I'm currently sitting in rainy England wishing I could book to go back here with the girls! Where is your next trip?

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