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Newcastle in the Sky #NEWCINTHESKY

Newcastle in the Sky

So, I recently discovered that I am rubbish with heights.. and by recent I mean Wednesday night! I decided to book myself an evening cocktails with Events in the Sky, I remember seeing it last year and being desperate to go so I jumped at the chance this year! There is a few choices which you can go for; Breakfast, Lunch, High Tea, BBQ, Dinner and the Cocktails one I attended. They're all at fixed times throughout the day, but I loved the idea of seeing the city lit up at night so this was more up my street!

Newcastle in the Sky

I was so nervous going on my own, I like a bit of moral support when I go do weird things like this. I need someone to comfort me when I'm in the hot seat, so I was SO happy when Akvile messaged me saying she was coming too. It's always nice to have someone with you when you're feeling nervous and I love getting to meet lovely bloggers I've been speaking too for ages!

Newcastle in the Sky

So for the evening cocktails you arrive for 9:45pm for your flight, although you can come earlier and enjoy some cocktails and bubbly in the bar area. The flight itself is 45 minutes long, but it flies over, pardon the pun. I felt like I had only let go of my vice grip of the bar when we were going down. I had quite a strange reaction to being 100m up in the sky, I could look down at the floor happily, but I couldn't move or let go of the bar for a good half hour!

On the restaurant there is 22 chairs in total with the waiting team in the centre on harnesses to serve you. You're sat in a comfortable bucket seat, and strapped in securely with 3/4 seat belts (which made me feel SO much better). The seats also recline and spin 180's so you can turn and get the full view, I was a little too scared to do that this time! Once you're all fastened in, you're then lifted to 100m from the ground to enjoy the views!

Newcastle in the Sky
Newcastle in the Sky
Newcastle in the Sky

The cocktails were made by the staff of Livello which is a bar on Dean Street in Newcastle, and one of my favourites. We had a Watermelon Twist and a Blushing Geisha, they're two I haven't tried before but were absolutely lush! It may have taken my 10 minutes to remove my hands from the bar to drink it though..! I do feel for Akvile having to put up with me and my scaredy cat-ness for 45 minutes!

Newcastle in the Sky
Newcastle in the Sky

The views were absolutely amazing, it's so strange seeing the city from such a height! I've been to the top of the Baltic etc. which was amazing, but being able to see across the whole city was beautiful! The event is being held outside the Sage, Gateshead from the 24th August until the 29th August, so it's not here for long to catch it! You can see all the different restaurants who will be catering each Newcastle night on the Newcastle in the Sky website. Although it does travel to other cities like London & Glasgow which would be amazing to see from upper height!

Now I don't know how my work colleagues would feel if I told them I had booked here for a meeting, but it is definitely something you need to experience, even just for cocktails! As much as I was being a wuss, I loved every moment of it. The staff were so sweet and looked after everyone perfectly, now I just want to try it again to see if I can let go! Maybe next year!!

Have you tried anything like this before?

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