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Why I found making blog friends so important

Why I found making blog friends so important

Why I found making blog friends so important

I started off blogging with lil old me writing about rubbish and possibly posting the worst photos known to mankind, I remember everyone having their little blog cliques and I didn't really know anyone. It did take me a long while to form friendships, I'm not the most upfront person so I struggle to start a conversation with someone I don't know. But here I am around 3 years later, and I've made some amazing friends. Some I've never met but wish I could and a few I have met and wish I'd known longer!

I've realised recently, while I'm struggling with the whole blogging thing, why it's so important to have some good blogging friends to turn to. Whether it's needing someone to talk to in a Whatsapp group, on Twitter or even meeting in person, it's nice knowing you have someone there! After this weird ass year, I'm so glad to have the nice little girlies I have met through blogging who I class as my friends!

As I don't live in the city I rarely get to meet my local bloggers, but I do know that is one of the best ways to introduce yourself and meet people nearby! I did meet the lovely Sparkles of Light at my first blogging event and she was the sweetest person ever. It's great putting faces to names when you meet bloggers in real life, but can also be slightly daunting when it's out of your comfort zone. Twitter is always a godsend when it comes to events, as you can always find someone else who's going you can meet up with!

When I look back to when I started blogging, I would never have thought I would have been on one blogger holiday let alone two. But Twitter literally helped me meet two lovely people, and all I did was post a tweet about wanting to go on holiday! Little did I know people would actually respond and say they wanted to as well, which then turned into a Whatsapp group to then booking a holiday (or two) with Ashton Jade and Kirsty Leanne! Out of them two I've made great friends who I love spending time with! Although my work friends told me I was mad for going away with people I'd never met, I was so excited! I don't regret it in the slightest, but obviously if you are going to do that please make sure they are real! Or alternatively, you can always do a Contiki trip where you can meet people who are also travelling on their own, this is on my list for next year!

My other girls who I turn to for blog, life, photography and general advice and I couldn't fault them. They're the sweetest bunch of girls, who give me wrong for being a moaning myrtle but also give me the best advice, we're always around to help each other out! They've helped me up my blogging game with things I was total clueless of and it's been lovely getting to know them! (Lady Writes Blog, Fashion for Lunch, Life with MCM, EmmyWritesAbout, The Dena Edit, The Curvaceous Vegan and Kasie Beauty).

There is so many people in the blogging community now it's easy to start to feel lost within the masses, but being active is the best way to get yourself out there. Just tweet that person you relate with, compliment that person and it's amazing what friendships you can make through blogging. Don't be afraid to message someone to spur on conversation!

What has blogging helped you with?

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