Sunday, 17 September 2017

Palmers skincare

Palmers facial cleanser and oil

I remember once I was scared of face oils cause my skin is so oily anyway, I thought using oily products would cause havoc. After trying them I realised how wrong I was, and since then I've been on the look out for a good one to keep in my skincare routine. I can't really use scented things so it has to be a light formula to stop my skin from breaking out, this is why these come in. I've always swore by Palmers Cocoa Butter for body moisturising, but I didn't now they had face skin care too!

Palmers facial cleanser and oil

The Perfecting Facial Oil is so soothing and light on the skin, it doesn't make you feel like a grease ball and soaks in really quickly. It comes with a drip applicator, which is so handy to make sure you don't use too much as a little goes a long way. I've been using this at night time before going to bed, as I prefer a moisturiser for my foundation base, and my skin feels amazing in the morning. It has reduced my pores and also helped reduce redness and marks on my jawline which I have been trying to get rid of forever!

The Facial Cleansing Oil is a new one for me, I've never used an oily cleanser to remove make up before so it took some getting used to! You can use this one it's own to remove all your make up, including eye make up, or you can remove the initial make up and use this to remove any left over. I found it quite time consuming to use on it's own, so I much prefer to use it along side my micellar water. It does make your skin feel a lot fresher and cleaner than when just using normal make up remover, it is also fab for getting off my mascaras!

I've really loved using the products, especially the facial oil, so I'm definitely keeping them in my skin care routine! The oil is also coming on holiday with me next week to make sure I don't get any breakouts from sun cream etc!

What is your favourite facial oils and cleansers?

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