Sunday, 24 September 2017

Why I meet up with friends abroad rather than the UK

Meeting friends abroad

I don't know about any one else, but living in Newcastle means I always seem to have to spend a fortune if I want to travel anywhere else in the county. Whether it's a weekend in Manchester or London, train tickets seem to require me to sell my kidneys. (I mean, £200 odd for a train ticket to London)?! So I thought I would say why I meet up with friends abroad rather than staying in the UK. When I first read an article about this I thought it was unbelievable, until I priced it and realised it saved a bomb and now we always do it!

So if I wanted to meet my blogging girls in the likes of London for a weekend, we would probably spend about £150+ on train tickets then £300+ on a hotel without and amenities. Whereas if I wanted to meet in Majorca for a long weekend it only costs me roughly £350 all inclusive on All inclusive cocktails or a £40 meal each night in London?! Hmmm, I know my choice! Don't get me wrong, I love London, but travelling within our own country is double to price of anywhere else. I can go to Turkey for a week with Jet2 for £400 odd, and it's sunny there!

Meeting friends abroad

So far we have met in Amsterdam which only cost us £300 each, minus spending money. Then we meet in Majorca for a long weekend and that's only £350. I mean, a flight to Majorca is only £19.99 on Ryanair, I can't even get a taxi to Newcastle for that price! So if you have the choice of sunning it up by the beach with a cocktail in hand, or sitting by the canal in Amsterdam over the cold depths of England for double to price, which would you choose?

I was at first a bit dubious of travelling somewhere on my own, I'm the type of person who can't even go through McDonald's drive through alone! On my first flight to Amsterdam I literally debated on crying out of sheer panic, but once I was there I don't think I've ever felt so accomplished! It's so exciting thinking you've done something all on your own! Turbulence is a tad scary, I debated on holding the old couples hands next to me though....! So far is the best thing I've done and I can't wait to try more and more places. Though I don't recommend meeting just anyone you meet online abroad, make sure you know the people first. I literally couldn't have got along better with AshtonJade and KirstyLeanne, I can't wait for yet another trip!

Although after discovering how cheap this can all be, my bank account no longer likes me! But I'm still living at home so I might as well utilise all this free time whilst I'm still young-ish. There is so many places you could visit, and if you time it well you can get such a good deal! As I'm writing this I'm in Turkey with new friends I've met, and I couldn't be so excited! Next, should I do Contiki?!

What is on your travel bucket list?

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