Sunday, 15 October 2017

Sticking at fitness with Protein World

Protein World Slender Blend range

I've tried all sorts of proteins when I decided to attempt a health kick about 2 years ago, I've also switched how I do things around quite a lot. In the process I have tried some pretty rank proteins and pre-workouts along the way! One I have been wanting to try for ages is Protein World, my friend swore by their Vanilla Slender Blend for ages! I've been trying to force myself to finish my gross protein I have currently before I was going to try another brand, but luckily Protein World came along and I'm so glad I've eventually tried them out, and converted me!

Protein World Slender Blend range

I got the Chocolate Slender Blend, which is a low calorie shake with 24g of protein in each shake. I has added Green Tea and Guarana for weight loss along with B6 and B12 vitamins to help your muscle recovery. If you want to lose more weight you can use one of these as a meal replacement once a day too, but as I'm not I have mine in the mornings once I'm back from the gym. I love the taste of the chocolate one (the vanilla is lush too), it's not too sweet but also isn't super powdery tasting like some can be. This is also super nice to mix into smoothie bowls and drinks!

Protein World Slender Blend range

This 1.2kg tub has lasted me a good few months too, as I don't have one every single day. I use mine after a really tough workout, which may be a few times a week or even once. If I don't use it and done something horrendous like 150 wall balls again, I literally cannot walk for days, so it makes such a difference!

I also grabbed the Slender Pre-Workout powder too, the 6am gym sessions are such a struggle. Even more so this week after I've just had a week off, I wake up in a daze until I have this ready for my 6am class. It gives me the energy to actually put effort in to my workout, without it some were such half-arsed sessions it was ridiculous! The thing I love about this instead of energy drinks, is that it doesn't make you crash once it wears off. I hate the sluggish feeling when your energy drink stops working!

Protein World Slender Blend range

Now the Slender Porridge is the best thing I've tried so far, I have tried every form of other porridges which I have absolutely hated, and this is lush! It's a lot tastier than any of my own protein porridges that I've made and almost tastes like chocolate brownies. I make this every morning and work, and it is so easy to do. All you need to add is milk and then microwave it. It's so filling and I love it, especially with stirred in bananas.. yum!

What is your favourite protein brand? Have you tried Protein World yet?

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