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Breaks in the UK - The Lake District

Breaks in the UK - The Lake District

I love going to the Lake District, I go every year with my family and it's one of my favourite breaks. It's such beautiful place, regardless where you go, and it is so relaxing! We differ each year in where we go and what time of year, but rain or sun I don't think it's ever made me not love it. This year we went in February, although a bit of a sketchy drive down the country roads we hit on to beautiful weather! Other years we have went in April and November, mind November was cold but so pretty!

Places to stay:


Coniston is one of my favourite places to stay as it has the best of both worlds, it has all the local shops, bars and restaurants. But it also has the beautiful views and walks within the village and outside which are some of my favourite. If you want a relaxing day you can go down by the lake and go on the lovely boat tours or do some water sports. If you fancy a walk or hike you can do both, there is the Old Man of Coniston walk if you're braver than me too!

I love walking, but it just doesn't love me. No matter how fit I could be I'm sure I could be out of breath walking to the fridge! But it doesn't stop me enjoying some of the easier walks of Coniston, though one day I do want to try a proper one! I'm still in search of those trusty walking boots that don't annihilate my feet, where art thou?!

Every year we have stayed at Coniston we always stay in The Coppermines Lakes Cottages. They are always in great locations and have such beautiful places. As there is usually around 10 of us going we always get a bigger cottage which can be quite hard to find without selling a kidney, but these are always reasonably priced and perfectly looked after! *and doggo friendly*


Eskdale is pretty remote compared to some areas, we literally stayed in a converted barn in the middle of nowhere. Rowanbank Cottage, albeit scary, was beautiful and had the loveliest of gardens! Conveniently though it did have the cutest pub right next door (also in the middle of nowhere), which we loved visiting each evening to sit around the log fire.


If you're more of a commercialised countryside person Keswick (and Grasmere) will be more up your street, it has the walks nearby if you wanted. But it also has a lot of outdoor stores within the town, as well as all the restaurants and cafes needed. There is ample hotels, B&Bs and cottages to stay in depending on your preference, and it is the sweetest little town!

*I know there is loads of places to stay, but these are the only ones I have so far!*

Breaks in the UK - The Lake District

Things to look out for:


In the lakes you really need to prepare for all forms of weather, in the Summer it can either be beautiful sunshine or a mixture of that and rain. So a rain jacket is always handy. And take a note out of my book to only wear suitable walking shoes on walks, there has been many a blisters and tears on my behalf!


Poor tyres
Before you leave for your trip I would always recommend that you check your tyre tread, pressure and brakes to make sure you're safe. Doing this before you leave will reduce the risk of anything happening and ruining your trip! Your tyre pressure for your car will be detailed in your handbook, this will let you know what PSI your tyres will need filled to. Find yourself car tyres at Point S and save yourself the hassle of shopping around!

So you really need to watch out for Aquaplaning - Which is where the water gets underneath your tyres and causes you to lose control of the car. Seeing as it rains quite a lot in the UK (and Lakes) you need to be sensible when getting to your getaway! To avoid this you need to ensure you have adequate tyres with good tread, and drive at a sensible speed. If you ever do aquaplane (it's scary), you need to slow your car down slowly, so don't slam on your brakes!

Your route
Depending on where you're staying you need to be really aware of your route, some are small unmanaged one track roads which can get flooded or icy depending on the conditions. We have been on a mixure - Keswick is an easy drive, however Eskdale and Coniston can differ on the route you take. Some of sharp drops, steep hills and tiny roads in the middle of nowhere.

Breaks in the UK - The Lake District

Things to do:

Treetop Trekking

This was my favourite thing I've done in the lakes yet! Treetop Trek is in Windermere (which is beautiful), and it's quite similar to Go Ape. You manoeuvre yourself through 350m of treetops, going over skateboards (awful), ropes, nets etc but it is so so much fun! There is also a 250m zip line at the end going towards the lovely Windermere lake at the bottom!

Walks & Outdoor Sports

Depending on where you choose to stay will depend on the walks nearby you, but whether you google your routes or like a trusty map there will be something nearby. There is also plenty tourist information centres full of stuff to do in your chosen town. 

On the lakes there is loads to do, whether its renting a bike; boat trips; kayaking, there is something for everyone to do. The lakes are absolutely beautiful to see and the landscapes are some of the prettiest you will see!


I know you can come here and walk, but it is also a beautiful place just to come and enjoy! I love nothing more than going to the prettiest, quirky pub, sitting in front of the fire and playing board games with the family. It's the times you can really appreciate the company you are in.

Have you ever been to the Lake District before? Where did you enjoy?

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