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Morphe 3502 Palette

Morphe 3502 Palette

I've wanted a Morphe palette for absolute years, but most of 2017 I didn't buy or treat myself to any make up to try and saved for once. So at Christmas I decided to treat myself to the beaut Morphe palette and a new ABH Dipbrow (which was well overdue)! I was so excited for this to come, I've loved a good orange-red toned palette ever since Emmywritesabout and Thedenaedit grabbed me the Urban Decay Heat Palette! A girl can really not have too many warm eyeshadow palettes and they're so so easy to work with compared to the darker smokey palettes!

Morphe 3502 Palette

I grabbed this from BeautyBay as they're my favourite online retailer for make up, your parcel literally nearly always comes the next day! So I don't have to sit around excited for days waiting! I was quite surprised how cheap this was too, for how long I'd waited for it I think I had convinced myself it was a VioletVoss price, but it was only £23

The palette contains: 
Universal – Peach matte
Pure – Light gold shimmer 
Orb – Orange matte 
Tan – Warm tan matte
Sizzle – Orange copper shimmer
Amber – Rose-gold shimmer
Bronzie – Rusty bronze shimmer
Flux – Cinnamon matte
Contour – Golden matte
Heat – Warm red matte
Ablaze – Red orange matte
Sauce – Orange shimmer
Fire – Intense red matte
Ruby – Red coral shimmer
Zodiac – Bronze shimmer
Polished – Rose gold shimmer
Spice – Peachy matte
Terracotta – Reddish matte
Brick – Rusty matte
Rustic – Peachy gold shimmer
Zippy – Copper chrome
Dust – Ash matte
Risky – Red brown matte
Chestnut – Red plum matte
Halo – Deep taupe shimmer
Rich – Chestnut matte
Brave – Red matte 
In the Zone – Burgundy matte
Fawn – Taupe matte
Stone – Ash matte
So Warm – Deep brown matte
Toast – Chestnut matte
Brunette – Plum matte
Muddy – Ash brown matte
Whiz – Black matte

Morphe 3502 Palette

For me the palette has a good mixture of matte and shimmer shades to create heaps of looks. They range from light shimmers to dark shimmers depending on the look you're using them for, and there is a mixture of different warmths. The shades Pure and Polished are quickly becoming my go to shimmer staples, but come on, look at Sauce - I need the summer for that as it's perfect for it! 

The downside for the mattes for me is that there isn't a light matte for my brow bone, so I have to use another palette to highlight it! But other than those, I could not fault them in the slightest. None of the shades have fall out so you don't have to worry about applying them and they're super pigmented so you don't need to apply much. 

I would usually swatch my eyeshadow palettes for reviews, but this time you'll just have to trust me, I'll be on forever if I need to swatch 35 shades! Can you believe that you actually get that many shades for £23, it's crazy!

Have you grabbed a Morphe palette yet?

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