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Pink Parcel Subscription Box

Pink Parcel Subscription Box

It's been a while since I last had a Pink Parcel, I'm not sure why cause I loved my last one! Just in case you don't know, Pink Parcel is a monthly subscription box for your period. I don't know about you, but I'm even grumpier those days than I am the rest, and that says a lot. So I always loved the idea of getting one of these monthly to cheer you up. I don't 'need' one monthly, so possibly why I've never had the opportunity to subscribe to these, but I don't think I've had a bad one yet!

Pink Parcel Subscription Box
Pink Parcel Subscription Box

In each box you get your necessities to get you through, so you get a supply of tampons, tads or both. I would probably get solely tampons, but pads are handy to have around. Whether you chose pads or tampons (or both), you can choose your absorbency, so you are actually receiving products you can use. There is multiple brands you can choose from e.g. Tampax, Lil-lets and Kotex, Kotex is my favourite but I can never find them stocked in my local stores. 

Your Pink Parcel is also delivered on the dates you need, so you choose a delivery date which is closest to your cycle. Which is good really, cause sometimes you get chocolate and if mine got delivered early the chocolate wouldn't last two seconds..

Pink Parcel Subscription Box

In Januarys box (I know it's nearly March, but I have no doubt Feb/March won't be great too), you got a range of make up, chocolate products and feel good products. 
Laritzy eyeliner in dark blue, it's a soft kohl liner and doesn't smudge.
Browcote is a translucent eyebrow gels, I haven't used this on myself but I did my friends brows with it last weekend and loved them!
We are tea peppermint tea, peppermint is really good for bloating so I loved this!
Made by Coopers Apothecary Therapy Mist is a room/linen spray, I've been using this at night cause it's so relaxing. It has a strange smell, but it smells really natural.
Bandeez are the pretty ribbon bobbles, my hairs a tad to thick though :(.
And last but not least some Chilli and Lime chocolate and Vega vegan protein powder, which was actually surprisingly nice!

Subscription prices:
Monthly - £12.99 per month
3 monthly - £35.97
6 monthly - £65.95
Yearly - £129.90

The longer you subscribe to the cheaper you get your boxes and more savings you make. I always think if you have a young teenager (or are a young teenager), these will be super helpful to adjust to periods. Or if you're like me and just like the treat at the grumpy time!

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Pink Parcel Subscription Box

Have you grabbed a Pink Parcel before? What do you think of the concept?

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