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30 things to do before I’m 30

30 things to do before I’m 30

Theres so much I want to do before I turn 30, I have just over 5 years so I feel like they can be doable. I've ticked off a few already, which I'll quite probably remember forever, but there is so much to see and do in the world! After discovering my little wanderlust last year I really want to keep that up, especially discovering Europe as it's literally on our doorstep. I can get a ferry to heaps of destinations from just down the road, DFDS literally sail to the likes of Holland and over to Poland (which I'm desperate to go to), for quite cheap too!


1. Poland - I've been desperate to go here after Ashton and Kirsty keep sending me their photos. There's nothing I love more than cities full of amazing architecture and buildings.
2. Canada - I have already been to Canada twice as my Auntie used to live there before she passed, it bring back so many memories and I would love to revisit. I don't think you can see Niagara too many times!
3. Windmills of Amsterdam - I'm still yet to do this trip but I will definitely be back to the Dam soon!
4. Budapest is another place on my list.. again for the buildings, I know I'm sad.
5. Thailand - I would go here tomorrow if I could, it's been on my bucket list forever and I need to see it! Preferably backpacking, but I imagine I'd not quite make that!
6. This one is in progress.. but I've been desperate to visit Bali for years and I'm going omg. I literally cannot wait to explore Bali!
7. I would also love to live in a different country for a while, maybe after uni! But where..
8. New Orleans - I really love America so I would love to explore more.
9. Return to New York, it literally is the city of dreams. Maybe I should have read my 11 things to know before going to New York post before I went the first time!
10. Copenhagen is another, I'm sure I can squeeze in all these short breaks!
11. Take a solo trip! I toyed with the idea of a Contiki trip for Bali, but don't need to now. Maybe Thailand!

30 things to do before I’m 30


12. I still have one more year after this year, but then I hope I will graduate university! I always hoped I would get an honors, but these 5 years are slowly dragging and I'm losing the will..
13. For my job I then hope to sit my APC 6 months after I graduate.. which is basically an hour long presentation/test in front of judges to tell me whether I can be accredited to do my job or not!
14. Buy a house! I feel like I've been saving since I came out the womb, but I'm counting down the minutes!
15. Get happy with myself - I don't think I ever have been but I really want to work on loving myself. They do say you can't love someone until you love yourself after all. 

16. Read more - I could binge watch Netflix series forever but I rarely read, I probably should.
17. Become more sociable. I wish I could be a social butterfly, but over thinking and my fear or people disliking me probably takes over more so.
18. Make new friends, cause spending so much time on your own cannot be good for you!
19. Find someone who makes me happy - maybe this one will surpass 30 as so far not so good.
20. Buy myself a nice designer handbag, I've been forever dreaming of a Louis Vuitton forever.
21. Learn a new language.. I've been learning Turkish with Duolingo forever but never completed it yet! Spanish and German are up there to learn too!
22. Pay off my debts - car, laser eye surgery, uni fees, credit card etc!
23. Get a full leg sleeve - are they called that?!
24. Complete a family tree! I have such a small family, I would love to see where I'm from!
25. Be able to fashion blog! I would love to feature more fashion!

30 things to do before I’m 30
Coat: LOTD Dress: LOTD

(This one sort of ties in with loving myself too)

26. I've wanted to be happy with my body for as long as I can remember - so I hope to work extra hard and get that  body I've always wanted.
27. Learn how to run. Maybe it's the boobs, maybe I give in too easily, but I am a terrible runner - I really want to learn!
28. Learn to eat and cook healthier, I don't come from a healthy eating family so I always find his the hardest. I would love to be able to cook good healthy meals and enjoy them!
29. Crossfit. I feel like that can just be one word as it's so hard I need to learn the majority still.
30. Back squat my own body weight - is actually harder than it sounds!

I would love to be able to tick all these off, some are easier than the others but I feel like 5 years is plenty of time. What better things to tick off than travels and memories!

What is on your list? Anything you are desperate to do?

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