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Finding a good burger in Cologne, Germany

Finding a good burger in Cologne, Germany

If you know me you will know I love food, I struggle so much to eat healthily as I love trying new places to eat. So I took full opportunity when in Germany, nothing counts on holiday so technically didn't break my healthy eating.. sort of. I know German food isn't technically burgers and I should probably tried Schweinshaxe or Schnitzel but they don't quite float my boat as much. Well that, and meat on the bone freaks me out.

We tried out two burger joints in our 3 days in Cologne, and if we had been there longer we probably would have tried out all the other good looking food places! But eating such a huge meal more than once a day is a tad much for me! However I am still sad I never got to try out Die Fette Kuh! I'll save that for next time when I visit!

Menz Burger Cologne

The first full day we took a taxi to Menz Burger, it was a little far out the main area but still a walkable distance, but for ease we took a taxi. The place was really cute and the staff were SO friendly (and spoke really good English). The menu is in German, but I wouldn't say it was that hard to decifer. Me and Sarah opted for a Avocado burger (think we ate Avo for a solid 3 days) and a Kolsch beer, cause when in Germany your water is beer. A lot of places in Germany appear to make their own sauces, which are aamaaaazing.

Burgerlich Germany

The second day we ventured a little more local and visited Burgerlich which was my favourite of the two! It was a little more commercial, but the fries and burger were the best I've had in a while. You order your food on an iPad that pops up on the table and add any additions you want.. I loved the novelty behind it! I again (sorry, no variations) had an avocado burger.. and it was unreal! By avocado burgers I am meaning an actually patty and avocado on top, not just pure avocado. But as you can probably tell me and Sarah are obsessed with Avo, whereas Ashton spent most of the time removing the toppings!

Frittenwerk Germany

I know this post is based purely on burgers, but I would 100% recommend trying out Frittenwerk in central Cologne. Not only are they completely environmentally friendly, they do the nicest fries toppings ever! I got the Chilli Cheese fries which were so so yummy, whereas Ashton and Kirsty got the pulled pork ones. I wish we had more time in Cologne as I'd happily of went back for the Honey Chicken and the Classic Quebec!

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Finding a good burger in Cologne, Germany

Have you been to Germany before? What was your favourite place?

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