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Skincare Tips: Why is Black Sugar Good for Your Skin?

Skincare: Why is Black Sugar Good for Your Skin?
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Not many people will have heard of black sugar, me I’d only heard of white and brown sugar before now. Black sugar is not quite as popular, so probably why you haven’t heard of it, and most will probably think it’s just a dark brown anyhow. But black sugar, which is used to cook with quite often in Asia, is supposed to be one of the healthier, tastier options to use (maybe I should use it more cause I love asian food). We probably don’t cook with it as much, or actually appreciate how good it is for you. But there is actually a better reason for it, skin care! (Let’s pretend skin care is better than cake for now). Many Asian cosmetics brands like Skinfood use black sugar in their products, especially in skin and face care products. Here’s why…

Black Sugar is a Gentle Exfoliant

Black sugar has fine particles that can help thoroughly scrub off dead skin cells, dirt, excess oil, and other impurities. These granules are also rounder, and gentler on the skin, compared to those of other sugars and other scrub ingredients like salt. Depending on the other ingredients they contain, say botanical oils like argan oil or olive oil, black sugar facial scrubs can also warm up the skin and open up the pores, making them easier to clean. The result is a clearer, smoother complexion with less visible pores. Warming up the skin also makes it more penetrable so that the nutrients can be fully absorbed.

Black Sugar Helps Smoothen Fine Lines

One of the most prominent components of black sugar is glycolic acid. Glycolic acid is one of the most popular ingredients in skin care products to help reduce wrinkles and fine lines. Glycolic acid also has the smallest molecules among all AHAs, so it can easily penetrate the skin and work its magic. Because black sugar contains natural glycolic acid, it can be used safely and often, even by people with sensitive skin! Apart from smoothening your skin, glycolic acid can also help brighten dark spots, treat acne, remove excess oil, lock in moisture, tighten and plump the skin, and lighten scars. It can even be used to treat skin conditions like melasma, psoriasis, sunburns, and milder cases of seborrheic keratosis. And I appreciate nothing more than something that will remove my excess oil and plump my skin.. I feel like I’m forever looking tired at the moment!

Black Sugar Helps Moisturise the Skin

All sugars are natural humectants - this means that they can draw moisture from the air which then transfers onto the surface where it’s applied; in this case, your skin. Black sugar has the added benefit of containing magnesium. This nutrient helps protect skin cells from toxins and also combats acne and various types of allergies. Magnesium also balances the skin’s fatty acid content, which is beneficial in maintaining moisture and elasticity, and preventing inflammations. Perfect for this crazy hot and cold weather lately.

Black Sugar Encourages the Growth of New Skin Tissue

Black sugar is full of B vitamins that encourage cell development, including those in the skin. B vitamins also protect the skin from ageing by counteracting the negative effects of free radicals and UV rays and also help the epidermis retain moisture for an overall younger-looking, smoother complexion. Finally, B vitamins, specifically derivatives of vitamin B3 (niacin), are also powerful skin restoratives and lighteners; the latter exhibits better when coupled with sufficient SPF. 

If you can grab a good product with black sugar in for holidays, imagine the tan you could get! Black sugar is just one of the many things from Asia that has influenced health and beauty in the West. If you’re a bit reluctant to use it in cooking, it has a unique flavour profile that’s both sweet (like malt) and salty at the same time then you can definitely receive the benefits of black sugar through various skin care products. I really need to start reading my skin care ingredients more so too.

Skincare: Why is Black Sugar Good for Your Skin?

Products with black sugar in, that you need to try!

For me anything that Lush do I know must be good, I swear by every single one of their skincare ranges I have tried so far!

What is a product you're currently looking for in skincare?

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