Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Why I swear by beautyblenders

Why I swear by beautyblenders

I've swore by beautyblenders for as long as I can remember now, I can't use anything else anymore. I always try out the newest fad, like the flat brushes, but they never live up to my holy grail. Beautyblenders always evenly apply all of my foundations, and I don't think I've tried anything that hasn't worked with mine. Although, nothing does beat a brand new beautyblender (but don't use one if you have light coloured nails!). 

Why I swear by beautyblenders

I use my beautyblender to apply my foundation base, whether it is building layers for fuller coverage or a thin layer of foundation. It applies each both perfectly without caking or soaking into your pores. I also use it to apply my brightening concealer under my eyes, using a blender stops the concealer creasing under your eyes and applies an even base. Another thing I use my blender for is when I'm setting my foundation, I use the blender with my RCMA loose powder to bake my foundation. I leave the powder on loosely while I do my eyes/eyebrows and brush off with my Spectrum face brush. 

How to use a beautyblender:
  • Dampen the beautyblender with warm water or a facial spray.
  • Dab off any excess water so the sponge isn't too wet.
  • Blot your foundation onto your skin with the blender, don't rub.
  • Clean your blender with blendercleanser after each use so it will last longer.
If you use your beautyblender dry it will soak up your foundation like most sponges do, by using it damp it keeps the foundation to the top to be able to evenly apply it. 

Why I swear by beautyblenders

Each of my beautyblenders must last me on average 3-4 month, so they do last a long while as long as you look after them. I've tried so many of the dupes, whether it is Real Techniques, Primark etc. they have never worked as well as the real deals. Most cheaper sponges soak in your foundation more, which you can see when they dry as the staining is so much more apparent. Real beautyblenders also bounce a lot better than other sponges too, dupes always tend to be a lot denser. 

I think the best option is to splurge on a beautyblender over a dupe as: 
1. the sponge lasts longer. 
2. the sponge gives better results.
3. it doesn't soak up as much product and wastes less foundation.

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What is your favourite item to apply foundation? Do you splurge on the original or buy the dupes?

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