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Exotic food destinations I need to try!

Exotic food destinations I need to try!
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It's no secret that I'm a foodie, as soon as I know I'm off somewhere I look at what food I can try there. So planning my next trips probably wouldn't surprise you that I want to go there solely for food (yes, Pizza & Rome sound perfect). I really enjoyed trying out the food in Germany, especially the German burgers. It's not often I get to write about food on my blog, which is a shame as I probably arrange my day around eating or what I'm going to eat next, and really enjoy eating out. There was one time that I was the pickiest eater in history, and now I like nothing more than ordering an array of food to try out in different countries.

There is so so many places in the world to visit to try out exotic foods, and just so many places to discover. These past two years I get quite stir crazy not having a trip on the cards, so I must admit I am so so excited to try the food out in Bali. Indonesian food is something I haven't really had the chance to experience yet, so I can't fully decide if I know what I'm in for. Although I am really looking forward to trying out all the Vegan options in Ubud as I've heard they are the best.

Exotic food destinations I need to try!

I could probably write a book on all the different destinations I want to visit to try out the different foods. Even the simplest foods in America I want to try, just cause it is a different culture and environment to 'America' we get in the UK. I mean, does anything beat an actual authentic paella in the UK? 

After visiting Turkey a few times last year I discovered how much I love authentic Turkish food, and I really want to discover more amazing food. You don't really truly see a place properly unless you indulge in their culture and food, do you? I mean from the age 1-17 I probably ate solely chips and chicken nuggets abroad, so I've been missing out!

Sri Lanka
This may be an usual one, but it just looks like such a beautiful place. They eat quite a lot of fish here, which would scare me a bit as I dislike smelly fish dishes, but I would love to give them a go.

Dishes to try here: 
Egg Kotu - Eggs and vegetable dish.
Kukul Mass Curry - Sri Lankan chicken curry dish.
Candied Shrimps - Blackened shrimps.
Egg Hoppers - Similar to pancakes.

I mean going to the Caribbean would just be an absolute dream in it's self, the white beaches and palm trees everywhere. However I do have a soft spot for Caribbean food, as I do love a bit of spice and coconut. 

Dishes to try here:
Cutters - Salt bread sandwiches.
Fish cakes - Sound a bit boring, but they look absolutely lush!
Macaroni pie - Because macaroni?
Lots of curries and rum too..

Now Thailand is just an absolute dream for me, I couldn't tell you how long I've been dying to go here. My cousin travelled here a few years ago for a month and it just looked amazing, whether it's a pretty hotel in the mountains, or backpacking.. I need to experience it. I also absolutely love Thai food, it's one of my favourites to eat out at. Click here for more information on Thailand!

Dishes to try:
Pad Thai - My favourite dish, I need to try the real deal!
Khao Pad - Fried rice
Kai Med Ma Muang - Chicken with cashew nuts.
Tom Yum Goong - Shrimp soup.
And all the beer!

This ones pretty obvious as I'm off here in little under 4 weeks (aahhh). I'd never heard much about Indonesian/Bali food before I booked up, it's one restaurant you probably never ever see to go try. I hope it's a good thing ?!

Dishes to try:
Mie Goreng - Noodle dish with vegetables and meat.
Nasi Goreng - Fried egg and rice.
Sate - Mashed spiced chicken on a stick (what a description..).

I must admit I'd never thought about Cambodia until someone at work went and I realised how utterly beautiful it is there. The beaches there look absolutely amazing, and well.. the food does too.

Dishes to try:
Fish Amok - Fish curry.
Khmer Red Curry - Less spicy Cambodian version of Thai Red Curry.
Lok Lak - Stir fried beef.

There is about 10 other places I would probably like to visit solely for food.. Poland, Italy.. But I wouldn't quite say they were exotic. Being on a beach in Aruba with pink flamingos sounds slightly more so appealing! Not that I pass off a trip anywhere!

What exotic place would you like to visit? Is there anywhere you would like to try their local cuisine?

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