Sunday, 15 April 2018

Having a Pinterest worthy garden party

Having a Pinterest worthy garden party
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So it’s spring, well it’s meant to be anyway I’m sure. But it’s nearly garden party weather, which means it’s getting near my birthday (yaaaay). I love when it actually gets to sunny weather as making at home afternoon teas and teapot cocktails for the garden is my favourite thing!

There’s nothing better than getting your friends or family over to sit in your for once pretty garden. Our garden always seems to look sad until the sun comes around and opens up all the flowers! It also means you can eventually get nice garden decorations again and maybe even sit in the sun! (Groupon has fantastic deals on garden decorations)! I need a garden with the pretty cubed furniture so me and my friends can sit around and drink our cocktails! They’re probably terrible to anyone else that tries them!

Having a Pinterest worthy garden party

What I’m most looking forward to is..

Summer garden food parties:

Set up your garden table as an afternoon tea! (Beware of wasps)

This is my favourite, you can make fruit and marshmallow skewers, cute little sandwiches and buns and also a nice big bowl of Pimms.

Having the typical British barbecue:

Which also sometimes means you’re having a bbq in the house while Dad stands outside with a brolly...good old British summer.

Relaxing in the garden:

 I will probably miss this more now I work so far from home compared to what I did. I used to love popping home on my lunch and lounging on the garden chairs in the sun which the pooches. My spaniel thinks all the garden furniture is for her though.. Groupon literally have some of the best deals on garden furniture in light of our sun hopefully appearing too. We’re busy arranging a mini hen do for our friend, which is going to be a quaint little gathering in my friends garden. So posts like this always give me the inspo I need! (Pinterest is your best friend for this)

These are my favourite things to organise, as you can probably tell if you saw my Mother’s Day afternoon tea! 

Garden party food ideas:

Fruit and marshmallow skewers
- Fairy buns
- Hummus and pitta bowls
- Honey mustard sausage skewers
- Pimms jars
- Ham and cheese party rolls
- Sausage rolls (British delicacy obv)
- Chocolate dipped strawberries


- Twister (does anything get better)
- Good music playlist - Summer music is always the best
- Summer music - always the best
- Play Heads Up, we always find this hilarious.. cause we're so bad!

I can't wait for the Summer weather to kick in, and to have a temperature above 7 too. But for now I'm dreaming of holidays until then..
What is your favourite thing about the upcoming season?

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