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My favourite long lasting bases

4 favourite foundations

I love a good foundation, but there is a few which I will grab week in week out and repurchase each time. I'm still yet to find my be all end all foundation but there is something I love about each of these which makes me keep buying them, though they each do something quite different... hence why I can't just choose one! A few of these are quite the 'cult' products that everyone loves, which I'm quite surprised about as it's not often I fall in love with the most hyped products.. like The Ordinary!

4 favourite foundations
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Out of the four I don't have a designated favourite, as I like each for different occasions. Most days I will grab Bourjois Air Mat as it's so easy to apply and lasts all day without going patchy. Which is what I need for days in the office!

My skin: Oily, Combination with visible pores

Nars Sheer Glow - This lasts me agggees, but mostly as I only use it when it's warmer and well, it's snowed for months in the UK now! I was adament that I needed the matte foundation when I first went to buy this, but the girl in Sephora convinced me to get this one instead. I'm so glad I listened to her, as although my skin is oily, it doesn't go shiny on my face or come off patchy. A lot of non-matte foundations tend to go quite patchy on me as my skins too oily to cling on to, but this sticks all day. 
Light to medium buildable coverage

Bourjois Air Mat - I've heard rumours this is discontinuing and I am dreading it, this is my every day foundation that I love. Not so sure what I may do without it! It's an easy blendable foundation that has medium buildable coverage for everyday use. It doesn't crease or go patchy by the afternoon... it actually doesn't look that bad after Crossfit either and that's saying something! I have a few different shades of this I use depending on the time of year.. please don't discontinue it :(.
Medium buildable coverage

4 favourite foundations

Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation - You've probably seen me talk about the All Nighter foundation before, but it really is a new love for me. It's mostly my night out foundation, especially if I'm going out after work and need a heavier base. For me I like a higher coverage foundation for nights out, needs to hide a multitude of sins that I wouldn't usually care about for work. A little of this foundation goes a long way, I don't think it's all that buildable compared to most.
Full coverage

Too Faced Born This Way - This is such an underrated foundation, no one seems to talk about it all that much. I absolutely love it though, my shades a little too light for me at the moment, but it's nothing the Body Shop darkening drops don't help with. If I had to choose between this and the UD one for all day wear, this would be my favourite as it's a lot lighter to wear on your skin through the day. But it is amazing coverage for feeling so light on your skin, it doesn't crease or go patchy either. This is my favourite equivalent for Estée Lauder Double Wear.
Medium buildable coverage

I literally don't know how I could pick any of these to use forever, as they each have their good (and bad) qualities, but that's why I use them for different reasons. What am I going to do when they get rid of Bourjois Air Mat though?! What do I replace it with?!

What is your favourite foundations? Do you have a few that you love too?

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