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The Body Shop Shade Adjusting Darkening Drops

The Body Shop Shade Adjusting Darkening Drops

I know I'm behind on the bandwagon for the Darkening Shade Adjusting Drops, probably by about 2 years but I've never actually been tanned enough to ever need them until the passed year or so. But as I actually leave the country now I actually have a bit of a tan so some of my good old trusty foundations aren't dark enough anymore, and that it's just generally hard to find a colour match. There is heaps of foundation shades out there, but typically the range I always seem to try is always limited in shades (useless). So after I got back from Turkey last year, I decided it was about time I grabbed these as nothing matched my skin. White face and tanned body just isn't really a good look, I looked like a mime!

The Body Shop Shade Adjusting Darkening Drops

The Body Shop Shade Adjusting Darkening Drops

To use the darkening drops I drop one or two drops of foundation onto the back of my hand and add one droplet of the drops into it. I mix it on the back of my hand to make sure it's mixed in evenly. Warning: Do not add too many droplets, after about 2 droplets it starts to make your foundation appear grey. If your foundation is too too white compared to your skin, these might not work. But to lightly adjust your shades to suit your colouring they are amazing. 

Porcelain to Ivory
Light Beige to Medium Beige
Light Tan to Tan

So they don't adjust your foundations from the likes of porcelain to medium tan, but they can evenly adjust them for if you're off on holiday, or have decided to delve into fake tan again.. which I need to do in prep for my holidays! 

I haven't tried the lightening drops as I haven't had any foundations dark enough, but I'd imagine they would work quite the same. However, they do seem to have more of a shimmer to them than the darkening drops do. At the moment I'm using the darkening drops with my Urban Decay All Nighter foundation as I got a shade a bit too light, and it works perfectly. When I have a bit more of a tan I don't think it will be able to darken it enough with the drops, but at least I can adjust some of my other darker foundations whilst I'm away.

Have you tried these out before? What did you think?

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