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Booking Bali on a budget

Booking Bali on a budget

When I always contemplated Bali I always thought of it being way out of my price range, when you see travel agents post about it on Facebook (maybe I follow too many) it always seems to be about c. £1,500. To me that's a big holiday I would need probably a special reason to go on, but your holiday doesn't have to be expensive. It can be within your budget in many ways, whether it's saying in Hostels or splashing out on a private villa somewhere it can be done. I mean wouldn't we all want to stay in top of the range accommodation all the time, but that just isn't realistic for some. As this was my first time in Asia, I was so surprised at how inexpensive places and things were there. So hopefully these tips will help you make your decisions! p.s. if you go back, will you take me? 

Yes you can fly with Emirates like everyone else, but just because they're a popular option doesn't mean they're the best value. We booked our flights using Skyscanner and Travel Trolley, we picked the cheapest flight that was under 19 hours. There is cheaper options with longer layovers but we wanted to get there as quick as we could and make the most of the little time we had there. In total we went for 11 days, which was a nice amount of time but I think a few weeks would give you more time to see more.

We flew with Malaysian Airlines for all of our flights, one being the long haul one and one being a short trip. They were such lovely and attentive hostesses and the planes were comfortable. I lost count of how many films and TV episodes I watched! The food onboard was also possibly my most favourite! Although if you don't like spicy food this may not be your favourite, as a lot of it was their traditional foods of fish/chicken and rice.

We opted to stay in hotels rather than hostels, but mostly cause we weren't there for too long to need to budget more than we had. I was amazed at how cheap really nice hotels were there, some were actually some of the nicest hotels I've stayed in and some of the cheapest. We we're so confused booking the hotels as we just couldn't believe the prices.

I am going to write about the hotels in more depth in another post but I'll list them here. 
26th April to 28th April - Royal Casa Ganesha Hotel & Spa Ubud
29th April to 30th April - Cara Cara Inn Kuta
1st May to 6th May - Liberta Hotel Seminyak

Day Trips
I've always wanted to do a holiday with heaps of trips in so this was a first, in all my previous holidays I haven't done much exploring so I was excited! We had one tour pre booked off TripAdvisor and we had drivers numbers to use for the remainder. After meeting our first driver though we knew we had to use him for the whole holiday. Balinese people are literally the most kind and accommodating people I've ever met, so having a driver is such a nice experience. If you ever need a Bali driver, use our guy - he was such a sweetheart! 

Your Bali driver will pick you up from your hotel and take you on your trips throughout the day. For a driver you pay by car, which is usually quoted at $70 (£50) so it's super cheap if there is a few of you!

You can rent scooters/motorbikes super cheap in Bali (around £15 a week), and fuel is about $5 (£3). I mean this isn't for the fainthearted, it looks so scary as the roads are crazy. Like Amsterdam except they can run you over properly. I wish we had done this as it's the best way to get around the island and different cafes etc.

Alternatively you can use taxis in Canguu/Seminyak, but only use bluebird taxis. You can get an app that literally sends the taxi directly to you to take you places (beware they get your whatsapp). A bluebird is basically an Uber, so they cannot rip you off. Beware of the fake taxis. Everywhere there are 'Bluebiro' taxis and 'Bali taxi' which will charge you over the edge for a taxi fair. Most taxi fairs around Seminyak/Canguu should cost around 30,000 idr.

Eating Out
Eating out can be as cheap as you make it to be. We ate in the trendier places which were a little more expensive and everywhere in between. I much preferred the quieter places unlike Sea Circus etc. they were packed! Nook was one of my favourite places we visited, the breakfasts were banging and they did the nicest fresh smoothies. Crazily enough too, my all time favourite breakfast in Bali was actually at CrossFit Wanderlust .. is that sad?! There is so many amazing places to eat in Bali that you can discover from just walking around and exploring! 

You don't have to take a fortune to go to Bali, you can easily spend maximum £50 a day if that. We actually struggled to spend £50 between us for the day beds as the island is so cheap. If you think of most meals being 30-40,000 and an extra 10,000 for water you can eat out at a lot of different places and still have money to spare!

Now, it's not even a month later and I'm desperate for a sun break. If you need me I'll be over on Icelolly browsing beach breaks..

Have you considered Bali before? What else would you like to know?

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