Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Wax Lyrical x Yvonne Ellen + giveaway

Wax Lyrical x Yvonne Ellen

It's not secret that I am obsessed with candles and such, I probably have around 8 in my room alone never mind the rest of the house. I don't know about you, but I love coming into a room that has a nice smelling candle burning. With having two doggos it always stresses me out thinking my house my smell of dogs, so there is a candle and air freshener in pretty much every room. Overload maybe? Naaah, whats that?

I'm even more of a sucker for a pretty candle or ones that come in nice colours, sometimes I'm not even bothered what they smell like. If there was one thing I love about the Yvonne Ellen collection from Wax Lyrical is the packaging and bottles. Can I keep them in the cute giraffe and whale boxes or? The Vintage Palm Reed Diffuser may be my next one though, cause erm, look at the packaging?!

Wax Lyrical x Yvonne Ellen

It's not often I buy reed diffusers, I never thought they smelt as strong as candles until I got these. I have the Tranquil Tide diffuser in my kitchen and I can smell it all the way to the living room. It confused me a little at first at how much I could smell it, I thought someone had been spaying perfume! Tranquil Tide is quite a strong scent, it's really woody and musky so it lingers a lot longer than sweeter scents. You can smell the Tranquil Tide candle burning after a minute of lighting it, and that's my sorta candle!

The other scent I tried was the Wild Jasmine candle and diffuser, this is still nice and musky but is a lot less woody and a bit more feminine. I love the smell of Jasmine, it always reminds me of spring times. Walking into my bedroom smelling this is just so relaxing. I'm usually a Vanilla candle buyer, so it's nice to have quite a new scent to come home to. 

Wax Lyrical x Yvonne Ellen

Each scent comes with a beautifully patterned box and a nice bright candle/diffuser pot. I really like the colours of these candles as they stand out nicely against all the white in my house and bedroom. I love a good colourful accent in the room. My only issue now is that after discovering Yvonne Ellen I now want all of her homeware range for my entire house. She literally has the most vibrant and unusual products and I've fallen in love with all the flamingo products!

Now to be in for a chance to get your own Yvonne Ellen Reed Diffuser and Wax Candle, all you need to do is complete the below!

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Wax Lyrical x Yvonne Ellen

Do you love having candles and diffusers around the house?

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