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Coping with long haul flights

Coping with long haul flights - Bali

It can't be just me who absolutely hates long haul flights? I struggled on the 8 hours to New York, never mind the 17 hours it took to get to Bali. So to say I was dreading it is probably an understatement. I've never had to properly prepare for a long haul flight before, so I was really unsure what I needed. But I did know I wanted to be the comfiest humanly possible and to not have to worry about anything.

It was my first time flying with Malaysian Airlines, so as I haven't heard much about them I wasn't really sure what they would be like. For our Bali leg, we had a 14 hour flight to Kuala Lumpur from Heathrow, then another 3 hour flight to Bali. So we did have a little break, but believe me, that hour flew over after getting from one side of the airport to the next (and getting lost).

So prior to my long ass flight, I went and bought the essentials. This was possibly the first flight I've done without make up too, but I knew the make up wouldn't be good for my skin for that length of time. So here I am, barefaced and what feels like naked getting onto a plane. But really, who cares, you probably won't see these people again.

I opted for comfy and baggy for my clothes, there was no way I was wearing anything fancy or tight for that long. I grabbed some leggings from LOTD, a lose fitting vest top and a nice jumper I could take on and off easily - because cold England. I mean, if I could have went in my pyjamas I would have! And there was a guy who changed into his pyjamas mid flight on the way home - best idea ever?!
Top tip - Get a neck pillow, they actually help loads! Mine was £3 from Primark and was a lifesaver.

Coping with long haul flights - Bali

Snacks are essential on a plane, for me there is only so many salted peanuts and crackers I can face before I lose the will. So we packed up some pringles, chocolate and boiled sweets to keep ourselves occupied. Which may have been a lifesaver for Ashton as every ounce of plane food had sauce on, which she hates. Me and Kirsty battled through the super spicy plane food, and quite enjoyed it (and the banana bread). For some reason on Malaysian Airlines, you can't take drinks on. So we prepared and bought bottles of water, to then have them taken off us prior to boarding. Which was very annoying, so instead we drank 18 tiny sippy cups throughout out flight.
Top tip - Stay hydrated (with water) - this makes you bloat so much less and makes you feel better when you land.

Take sensible hand luggage, like a tiny pretty bag isn't going to be handy. You need somewhere to safely zip away your passport and tickets, and enough room to be able to carry your stuff around easily. I always have a nice backpack, you need to be able to take what you need, whether it's a tub of pringles or a spare jacket for later.

Look after yourself, get up and walk around. There is no way you can sit for 17 hours and not stand up other than a toilet break. You need to stretch your legs every now and then! I also took moisturiser and lip balm, the air on planes is so drying so it's definitely needed after that amount of time. So leave the make up in your bag, and keep your skin refreshed, cause it makes such a difference on your skin when you land.

Book good seats, I love a window seat because A. I like something to lean on and B. I love the change of view from the back of the seat. I also love to see when we're landing. But for such a long flight, you want to feel comfortable and to sit with your friends - so for me I always book our seats. Plus if you're tall, you need the extra leg room!

Entertainment, surely your plane has movies to keep you occupied. But for me there was only so many films I could watch. So it's good to have the ability to flick between things, whether it's a magazine, book, music or playing games with your friends. We flicked between watching I.T. and playing Who Wants to be a Millionaire, diverse..

Rest is the hardest one for me, I cannot sleep on a plane for anything. But as we were flying overnight I knew I had to try, so again the neck pillow was amazing. I mean I didn't get a solid 8 hours, or probably even 3. But my intervals of an hours sleep definitely helped us when we landed. Even though we were ready for bed by 9pm!

How do you cope with long flights? I plan on taking a lot more in the next few years, so I best get used to them! I'd love to hear where you're off next!

Coping with long haul flights - Bali

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