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Visiting the Blue Lagoon, Iceland

Visiting the Blue Lagoon, Iceland

Visiting the Blue Lagoon was one of the many things I loved in Iceland, though there was so much about it I loved! We spent the best part of our day here when we visited Iceland last year and I loved it, although I know it's not everyones cup of tea we couldn't have faulted it.

We visited Iceland in October, so it really wasn't the warmest time of year to be trotting around in a bikini! So we decided to pre-book our trip so we knew we had the slot we wanted and didn't have to queue forever. We had read before going out there that the queues can be quite manic and sometimes you will have quite a wait before getting your time slot to go in, so we thought it would be best to be prepared. Especially seeing as Iceland is so expensive, we didn't want to have to sit around and buy drinks and food! 

There is 3 different packages you can buy through the Blue Lagoon; The Comfort, The Premium and The Retreat Spa. 
Comfort Package includes your entrance into the lagoon, a silica mud mask in the pool, towel and 1 free drink. (£50)
Premium Package includes your entrance into the lagoon, silica and algae mask, a towel, bathrobe and slippers, a table reservation and a sparkling wine at the Lava restaurant. (£72)
Retreat Spa 4 hours entry into the retreat spa and lagoon, private changing rooms and the spa ritual. (£254)

We went for the Premium package as it was cold, and I really wanted a warm fluffy dressing gown to battle off the winds. I'll admit, it was the best decision ever. It is so chilly in the open air in a bikini in Iceland, and that walk from the changing rooms would feel like an absolute lifetime! I was very glad to be tucked up in my gown when standing outside. The pool is super warm once you're in there so you don't notice once you're actually in the water, but getting out is pretty cold!

When visiting you can get in and out of the lagoon as much as you like. When entering you get a magnetic wristband which gives you access to your locker, order food and order drinks. It's so much easier than the thought of having to carry around cash etc. So if you're feeling a bit peckish you can pop to the cafe in the main area, the small cafe next to the changing rooms or the Lava Restaurant. As we were doing Iceland on a budget, we didn't visited the Lava restaurant - though it sounded beautiful! If you're doing it on more of a budget, you can advance book the Comfort package, but we used the Blue Lagoon as a treat!

Visiting the Blue Lagoon, Iceland

Have you visited the Blue Lagoon yet? Is it on your bucket list?

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