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How to cope with Wanderlust

How to cope with Wanderlust

I don’t know why, but recently I seem to have been making myself super depressed because of the need to fly off somewhere exotic. I do think I’ve developed a ‘taste’, and probably doesn’t help that for the two years since my break up I’ve just thrown myself into constant holidays. But now I’ve found myself at home with no where to go, and I literally don’t know what to do with myself.

They say travel cures the mind, but I do think it sort of just masks any problems you have. So when you find yourself at home with no plans, you sort of get lost with your thoughts a little. So I’ve decided that I need to find a way to cope with the Wanderlust, and find a way to stop wanting to pack up my life and grab a one way ticket (although that sounds super tempting right now).

Break from social media

Instagram probably doesn’t help with this matter, so you really do need to remember that these people who are jetting off every other day - are a minority compared to the people who are in the same position as you. So if those ‘pretty instagram pnotos’ Are making you down, you really need to unfollow that person. Although I love seeing some Instagram photos, I have had to unfollow a few who probably aren’t doing a great deal for my brains want to travel.

Explore your home

There is probably so much we can all do on our doorstep, but forget about it because it’s not somewhere exotic or amazing like you see online. But recently I’ve been exploring where I love a bit more, and realised how much there’s to see on my doorstep that I haven’t bothered to. I live in Northumberland, which is a super pretty county full of waterfalls, hikes, castles and kids of amazing places. Why don’t I visit there more! Have a look online and see what is nearby to you, I’m sure you’ll be amazed.

Get saving 

I love saving, it’s probably something I’ve struggled a lot with since my new job as my living costs are 10x higher. But saving up money, that you know you can have an amazing trip with us so satisfying. When it comes to the crunch, whether it’s a year, 6 month or even 2 years, when you have that money there ready to go it’s such a weight off your shoulders. I love knowing I’ve saved a certain amount and think, right I’ve done it, now where to go! It gives you something to look forward to, rather than trying to book things every month because you need a trip.

Read a book

It sounds cliche, but reading has helped me recently. I’ve been reading ‘What I was doing when you were breeding’ recently and I’ve loved it. I’ve enjoyed reading my way through someone else’s experience travelling, instead of trying to constantly create my own. It gives you a way to experience a trip, through someone else’s thoughts.

Join a travel group

I’ve been part of the Girls Love Travel Facebook group for a few years now, and it made me realise how many people are in the same boat as me. Yes there is people jetting off all over the place, but there’s also the people who can’t do that all the time who talk about their experiences. And the experiences and thoughts of others really help I think! They’re also quite an amazing little community, where people can help you when you’re feeling a little lost with nowhere to go!

It does sound like first world problems saving you have Wanderlust, but everyone copes with their struggles in different ways. Me it’s going and exploring new places and making new memories. I have the need to fill a void of memories I don’t want anymore, and want to make new ones. Not being able to do that is tough, but one year of university left means that after that I am free to go anywhere I want! So until then, I will save like crazy and live vicariously through other peoples amazing trips!

How do you cope with your Wanderlust?

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