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Your Make up vs Humidity

Your Make up vs Humidity

I hate the feeling of my make up melting off, you spend half an hour each morning making your make up banging, for it to melt off on the hot train to work in the morning. Not ideal. Now, I am definitely not complaining about this weather, as it's amazing. But it does absolutely nothing for your make up, or hair for that matter. Summer is always the time I need to put extra effort in for my make up, I don't want it to be a slip in slide from 1pm. Cause my office is hottttttt at the moment, so by 2pm I feel shiny and gross.

So in order to keep my make up on, I always make sure I prime, bake and set. Without these, no matter how much powder I put on, my make up will slide off. Even when I finish the sweatiest gym session ever, my make up is still pretty much in place! (I go straight from work, hence the make up). So I can even go to Nandos with the girls after the gym, though my hair is pretty questionable.


For me, primer is the be all end all of make up, it helps how your make up is applied, how smooth it is, and helps it lasts all day. I have a few primers which I mix between, but there is always two primers that I will always go back to use. One is the Nivea Sensitive Post Shave Balm, which was all the rage about 3 years ago and I've never really switched from it. Mostly as I know it works, so why do I need to go buy a few hundred more. It creates a sticky like film over your pores, and make a smooth base for your make up. I use this nearly every day, and as well as being a primer, it reduces your pores or any upcoming red spots.

The other is Benefit Porefessional, this is one I don't seem to pick up as much as I should. Sometimes I even use it alongside my Nivea one too. But this is the best primer for blurring any pores, spots or redness. It seems to like 'fill in' the pores in your face to create a smoother, long lasting base, but doesn't block your pores up like some primers can. If I'm going for a full on night out make up, I will use this with my Nivea to make my make up seem flawless.


I've used the same baking powder for almost a year now, and it's still pretty much over half full and literally works wonders. I got my RCMA Powder when there was an obsession with banana powder, but as I didn't have the right skin tone, banana powder wasn't for me. So for us paler gals, a translucent powder works so much better as it doesn't wash you out!

I apply my baking powder straight after doing base, so it has time to set when I'm doing my eye make up and eyebrows. (and also catches any fall out). I then brush it off with a powder brush, to apply any powder contour/highlight.

Your Make up vs Humidity


I have an array of setting sprays which I love, but if there is one I swear by it's the Urban Decay Setting Sprays. No matter which one I try, they all work absolute wonders. I'm currently flicking between the Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray and the Urban Decay Pollution Protection Spray, they both do pretty much the same thing bar one has minerals to protect your skin from pollution. So for day time I tend to use the Pollution Spray, and for evenings I tend to use the OG All Nighter Spray.

If your make up tends to partition with your sweaty/oily skin throughout the day, this will be your lifesaver. It keeps my make up from breaking up throughout the day, and leaves it looking fresh, even in this crazy humidity.

What is your favourite way to do you make up in the heat? What are your go to products?

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