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How to organise your wardrobe from scratch

How to organise your wardrobe from scratch
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I don't know about anyone else, but can you just not find anything in your wardrobe anymore? It's broad sunshine outside, and here I am with an overflowing wardrobe and still nothing to wear? I'm nearly always have to re-iron my clothes because my wardrobe is so packed? Or just hanging them in front of the shower while I get ready, and hope for the best! I love the idea of having a capsule wardrobe, but in the same instance... how do you even choose what to keep and what not to keep?! I can't tell you how many clothing I've forgotten I've put away to Charity and then get stuck what to wear, so how do you only have 10 sets of outfits in a capsule?! The idea is impossible for me!

I've decided that since I don't plan to throw any of my items away for a capsule wardrobe, I instead need to organise mine instead. Organised chaos for a wardrobe isn't cutting it, I barely know what I own anymore?! Instead I need to organise it, so I know what to wear together.. so here is my tips to organise your clothes!

How to organise your wardrobe from scratch

Step #1: Remove everything from your wardrobe

Start by just taking everything out, it's easy to forget about that one dress hidden behind another. So once everything is out you have a blank canvas, and yes, it will take time to put everything back again. Quite a lot of time, actually. But if you want to do it properly, you are highly advised to plan an afternoon or if necessary, an entire day and take everything out of your wardrobe. Why? Because doing it shelf by shelf for instance doesn’t allow you to see what you have, or evaluate the storage space available – and whether it needs any improvement/alterations. I do have quite a big wardrobe, but it seems to drown in clothes I move around from shelf to shelf, so to start from scratch it's 10x easier!

Step #2: Sort clothing and other items

There is a good chance that you aren’t wearing/using everything you have in your wardrobe – at least not all year round. Also, you probably have items you are wearing only from time to time (e.g. special occasion clothing) and pieces of clothing you don’t want to give away but can’t wear either because they don’t fit, 'you might wear again', etc. To get things in order for at least some time, it's easier to sort your clothing into different categories – keepers, holiday, winter, to give to friends/family, charity, out of season, summer, hot weather (like now, where are my shorts at) etc.

Step #3: Evaluate the storage space available

Now that you have sorted your things and your wardrobe is empty, evaluate the storage space available. Ask yourself: Is there enough space to put everything back in a neat and organised manner (maybe)? If you’re unsure, the answer is probably no. In this case, it’s a good idea to consider wardrobe organisers to make the most of the space available as well as keep your things organised and easy to reach. I have canvas shoe holders already, which are mostly filled with shoes I will mostly never wear, but at least it keeps them in some form of organisation. However, stackable storage boxes are the best things ever to organise shoes, and keep them clean from dust in the bottom of your wardrobe!

Step #4: Still not enough space? Lets try alternative storage

If you are still lacking space or aren’t happy with the way your wardrobe is organised, you should consider storing some of your things – at least out of season clothing – elsewhere. However, be sure to have some order there as well, or else you will just have bags of clothes everywhere instead. I always keep considering a clothes rail wall mounted or free standing - or both... I don't have much space in my spare room, and the ability to be able to get my hands on my clothes without battling the doors sounds 10x easier. I also have Ikea box shelves for my handbag organisation, it's so much easier to see them.

Step £5: Are you actually ever going to wear some of these items

I have some clothes that I keep cause I 'might' wear, but realistically I've tried it on and it just looked awful on me. I can't be the only one who bought some clothes cause others wore them amazingly, yet when you put it on it just looks hideous. Yet for some reason I keep them, incase I get some whole body transplant in the near future. But why am I keeping them? I'm a. not going to ever wear them, and b. they're taking up valuable space! So put those items on eBay or put them away for charity, you don't need them! And voila, there's some more extra space (for more shopping).

Do you need a wardrobe clear out? Even after this I still have drawers of clothes in my room, they're next on the organisation list. But at least I can now find my summer dresses in my wardrobe!! Now to go enjoy this lovely sunshine!

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