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What to pack for Bali

What to pack for Bali

I’ve never been on a long haul trip before, so packing for it was a little new to me. What do I take? How many clothes do I need for two weeks? What can I travel in comfortably? It was a hard decision. Especially as I haven’t been ‘travelling’ before, I really didn’t know what you would wear when doing all the touristy walks. 

We had planned a lot of trips while visiting Bali and I wanted to make sure I was comfortable, so yes as usual, I chose comfort over fashion. I did have a few outfits I wanted to wear there, as I knew they would be pretty, but once I got there and realised just how humid it was I wasn’t bothered. I was more happy to actually be a tourist where I was and not do things ‘for the gram’, which made it so much more enjoyable.

What to wear when you’re out all day?

Something cool! I took denim shorts, I wore them on day one, and never again. They were the sweatiest things I’ve ever worn. The best clothing to wear is loose fitting, cool and comfortable. Don’t wear something to look banging only, the humidity there is no joke. Also there is a lot of hills, when going to the waterfalls (which was down about 200 steps), the last thing you want is chub rub or be sweating profusely.

At a beach club?

It’s still hot here, so again you need a coverall for when you can feel yourself cooking a little. I wore a good bikini which wouldn’t give me horrendous tan lines, and was comfortable, and a nice baggy playsuit. We spent quite a lot of time in the pool as it was so warm, so also clothes that dry quite easy is also very handy. Wearing something that absorbs all the water from the pool isn’t going to be comfortable, and the nappy feeling isn't the best either.

What to pack for Bali

(here's a photo where I made the tight denim shorts mistake)

Travelling there and back?

This may be the first time, other than Iceland, that I chose comfort for a flight. But as it was 17+ hours I knew I need to be able to cope on the long haul flight. If you fly from England, 9/10 times it will be cold and most likely raining, so it’s always hard to find something you won’t freeze in but dry in when you land. I decided to wear layers, which was the best decision. It meant I would have a sweater for England, that I could throw into my backpack when we landed. It was so hot when we landed so I was so glad I did this, wearing something tight fitting when you're still adjusting to the heat is a no go for me.

Visiting the Temples?

When reading up about it, I was under the impression my shoulders needed to be covered when visiting Bali's temples. But when we arrived our driver Artana told us it's actually your legs, so here we were completely unprepared with zero pants with us. So we needed a sarong! You can buy your own sarong as a souvenir in the markets, but in most temples the sarong comes with the ticket price, although you don't get to keep it. So when visiting the temples either come prepared in some light pants, or borrow/buy a sarong. It feels quite nice to be dressed up in a pretty sarong in the temples. 

One thing I hated about this is the amount of people who removed their sarongs for photos, so disrespectful - just don't!

Rain storms

Bali is known to have showers, especially so in the rainy seasons. We arrived at the end of the rainy season, so we didn't quite know what to expect weather wise. So in preparation we all bought some foldaway rain macs, they're tiny to carry around, and if you have a day driver you can always leave it in your car if it's not needed. Funnily enough we didn't see a drop of rain, which is probably typical after carrying a mac about just in case!

I do feel like I packed the correct things for Bali, the only night I thing which was unbearably hot was on Gili T in the bars (no air-con). Other than that, light dresses and playsuits were my jam and so comfortable to wear. 

What to pack for Bali

What is your favourite types of clothing to take away with you? I struggled packing for Iceland, as I'm so used to packing for heat, so this was so much easier!

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