Sunday, 12 August 2018

Antipodes Avocado Pear Range

Trying out the Antipodes Avocado Pear range

New skincare is one of my favourite things to try out, especially when it's more so natural than one full of chemicals. I ran out of my go to skin care a while back, and I've been trying to find new ones to replace it for a while that my skin agreed with. I have quite sensitive skin, so when trying new skincare I need to make sure it isn't super scented or greasy. When I saw that Antipodes had an Avocado range, I was sold straight away! If you know me, you will know by now that Avocado is bae and I eat them at any given opportunity, so smothering my face in them probably won't surprise many.

I have three items out of the Avocado Pear range, one being the Nourising Night Cream, night creams are something I always love trying. The feeling of having nice fresh skin in the morning is so nice, and also a bid to make me look a little less tired. Unfortunately, it's not a miracle worker and I should probably just sleep more.. I have been loving this cream, I've been using it for just over 3 months and it hasn't broken me out at all and hasn't left my skin feeling greasy in the morning. It has quite a light feel to it when you apply it, and it has a really nice natural smell. 

I switch between the cream and the Divine Face Oil each night, it has rosehip in which has really good healing benefits for your face. I have the odd mark on my face still from previous blemishes, and rosehip oils have really helped fade them. It's no overnight thing, but with frequent use it really makes loads of difference. I was always under the impression that by having oily skin, I shouldn't use oils. But I realised a few years ago I was sooo wrong, and if anything it has made my skin less oily!

Trying out the Antipodes Avocado Pear range

Last but not least, I have been using the Resurrect Clarifying Facial Toner along with my Lush Tea Tree Toner. This one I use at night, as the smell of it is so relaxing! It's nearly like a pillow spray, the lavender just makes you feel so much better. It has a spray nozzle too, so you can sprintz this over your face and neck whenever. It has a really refreshing scent, and I quite like spraying it on my pillow too.. even though that's not what it is for..

Best of all, for once I've fallen in love with a skincare range that doesn't break my bank. Each of these are all under £30, which is better than the £80 per moisturiser hole I fell into last year. Sorry bank balance, I take it all back.

What is your favourite skin care range at the moment?

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*These items were gifted to me, all views are my own.

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