Sunday, 30 September 2018

The battle of saving for trips

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I love booking trips but this year has been a bit quiet compared to last year, starting a new job in a new city means I don’t have the spare cash I used to. So last year when I was booking holidays left right and centre, this year I’ve struggled to even save £50. Crazy how things change. Seeing as I had my one big trip to Bali this year, its ate up the majority of my spends. But I have eventually booked Wroclaw with Kirsty which will be my last budget trip of the year. This had all went to plan until I had to book a last minute hen trip to Benidorm in October which I hadn't budgeted for at all!

I like to be organised with trips, I like to have them booked and sorted in advance and to get the best deal. Sometimes best deals come last minute, icelolly always have the best ones, but I don’t always have the spare cash which can make it harder. I used to dip into my savings, that I'm currently trying to build back up, but now I tend to have to use my credit card or use the likes of Which may not always the best option, but sometimes you just have to use what is available. 

Usually I'm sensible and don't do what I can't afford to pay off, but my best friend gets married in November so I couldn’t miss her hen do! So that one caught me off guard, who knew being a bridesmaid was so expensive?! So our hen do trip (a year earlier than planned) has eaten into my funds I didn't have lately. But I know I can pay it off in a suitable time so it will work out, and it isn't everyday your best friend gets married. Sometimes things come up that you can’t expect to have the spare cash for, so you need a quick fix. As I’m saving for a house, paying things off always help build up my credit score too. But you do have to be sensible and only do things you know you can pay off. Like I really want to jet to Thailand right now, but I know that’s way out my budget.

Money Saving Apps
I’ve recently started using an app called Cleo, which manages your spending for you. This has been so helpful, it’s helped me save £90 by just putting away small fractions of my left over money each week. Sometimes even only £5, but it all adds up. So if you’re a bit like me and save but constantly dip into it. This helps so much, as it’s so much harder to dip into! You also don’t even notice it going out of your bank account.

Sell items you don't use anymore
Another way which I use to get extra money for trips, is selling all those items you ‘save for a rainy day’. How many clothes do you have in your wardrobe that you are keeping ‘just in case’, or items that still have a tag on. So why not sell them to people who will wear them? I put so much on Depop and eBay to save extra cash. It’s amazing all the items you will find that you haven’t used or worn in forever.

Booking trips in advance
Booking trips in advance means you can get some of the best deals, if you have your heart set on somewhere and it's pricey. Why not pay it off over a year or so, therefore you don't need to panic and find the money last minute.

Grabbing last minute deals
If you're not always bothered where you are going, or what hotel you are staying in. Why not just book a last minute deal somewhere. I did this last July and flew off to Turkey, which was one of my most favourite holidays to date. I would love to do something like that again next year and book another icelolly holiday!

What is your best way to save for things?

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