Wednesday, 31 October 2018

What was my best holiday ever?

It’s actually hard to choose, although I bet you’re all already expecting me to say Bali. It’s actually been tough to choose between some from this year and some from last year. Last years trips were so different as I was newly single and discovering myself, and meeting my best friends. If it wasn’t for some of last years trips, I wouldn’t have my two best friends and I also wouldn’t have met other amazing people along the way too. Out of the likes of Amsterdam, Turkey, Majorca, Iceland, Germany, Bali and Benidorm, unsurprisingly it does have to be Bali. Maybe it’s because it was a completely new experience of culture and way of life I’ve never seen before, or how there was so much to do. But Bali has so far trumped, I loved all my other trips but my first experience of Asia has made me want to explore so much more.

Sunday, 21 October 2018

My two all time favourite perfumes

Giorgio Armani Si and Mugler Alien

No matter what perfumes I buy, I always go back to the same two every single time. I think I've probably religiously used these for 3 years and can't help but repurchasing them again and again. Don't get me wrong, I probably have about 5/6 more other perfumes that are still beaut smelling but if I had to use two forever it would be these two. I have a thing for sweet and musky scents, which is why I love Alien and I also love long lasting scents. Is it just me or does guys aftershave seem to last forever but we have to carry around perfumes to reapply. I know if you can't smell your perfume it's meant to suit you, but I always like to reapply mine half way through the day or if I'm going back out in the evening.

Monday, 15 October 2018

Trying out speed dating

Trying out Speed Dating for the first time

Me and the gym girls had joked about the thought of this for a while, but the fact we actually booked it terrified me. Even at the grand age at 25, I've never been on a date with someone I didn't already know via friends or hadn't spoken to before. My idea of small talk absolutely terrifies me, because a) I'm terrible at it and b) Do I even have any hobbies? No. But nothing like throwing yourself out in the deep end to try things out.

Sunday, 7 October 2018

Booking cheap short breaks

Amsterdam Booking cheap short breaks

As much as I want to go somewhere exotic, realistically I have a job to go to, so I can't have two months off work. So short and cheap breaks are sometimes the best way to get around but without breaking the bank each time. Last year I managed to sneak a few cheap breaks in, this year I've managed a little less due to a bigger holiday (worth it). I'm actually off on a long anticipated trip with Kirsty next month and it's cost us less than a taxi home from Newcastle! 
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