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Booking cheap short breaks

Amsterdam Booking cheap short breaks

As much as I want to go somewhere exotic, realistically I have a job to go to, so I can't have two months off work. So short and cheap breaks are sometimes the best way to get around but without breaking the bank each time. Last year I managed to sneak a few cheap breaks in, this year I've managed a little less due to a bigger holiday (worth it). I'm actually off on a long anticipated trip with Kirsty next month and it's cost us less than a taxi home from Newcastle! 

Booking cheap flights

This is usually the most expensive part of the trip, but skyscanner is a life saver. We've managed to bag some cheap ass flights with RyanAir from Newcastle Airport to Wroclaw. It's the first time I've found such a cheap flight from Newcastle before and I'm in awe, Kirsty is a genius. Last year we managed to bag some cheap flights to Majorca, it was one of my most fun trips of 2017 and it was so last minute too! Using skyscanner to book your flights is the best way to find a good deal, it lets you filter through different days to see when is the cheapest time to go. This is also how we got our Bali flights so cheap!


There is so many different types of accommodation you can book depending on what you want. There is budget hostels you can book, hotels, fancier hotels, apartments etc. I've tried a mixture of them all and some destinations call for different types. Bali we opted for hotels to be safe and clean, Germany we booked an apartment and Amsterdam we booked a hostel. 

Airbnb is perfect if you want to throw yourself into the culture of the city you're in, it's one thing I've always wanted to do in Amsterdam (one day). The thought of staying in one of their amazing homes for a weekend (or forevs) sounds amazing. has various types of accommodation to choose from, so you can go budget or really luxurious. A lot of them you can pay when you arrive too, which always helps me when I a) can't make my mind up where to stay, and b) can't afford to pay just yet. It's came in handy for Poland as we've bagged a central apartment right next to the square, can't wait!

Trips and tours

There is so many different types of tours you can go on when you're travelling and different passes you can buy. We saved a fortune budgeting in New York by using the fast pass, and by pre-booking our tours in Iceland (I will write about it one day). 

Some destinations you can pre-book and save a fortune, whereas some places you can get the best deal by haggling in person. Our lovely driver in Bali (the second one anyway), gave us the best trips on a budget and got us cheap boat tickets. Whereas we would have paid a hell of a lot more when we had looked online!

Different Airports

I don't always fly from my local airport, actually quite a lot of last years trips were from Manchester and London. Sometimes other airports have better deals, so why not look into them. When we flew to Germany earlier in the year, it was more cost effective for me to book a train to Manchester Airport and to fly from there. Why pay the extra £100/£200 when you can save that for spending money, or even another trip!


Being in the UK means we have so many places on our doorstep which you can get to cheaply if you look good enough.
Amsterdam | Dublin | Cologne | Barcelona | Rome | Paris | Venice | Brussels | Palma | Berlin | Prague | Wroclaw | Krakow
There is sooo many, and they're all on my ever growing bucket list. There is also so many less known destinations to explore, especially in Italy! Plenty of time to go explore them.

Where is it you would love to go on a short break? Have you been to any of these yet?

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