Monday, 15 October 2018

Trying out speed dating

Trying out Speed Dating for the first time

Me and the gym girls had joked about the thought of this for a while, but the fact we actually booked it terrified me. Even at the grand age at 25, I've never been on a date with someone I didn't already know via friends or hadn't spoken to before. My idea of small talk absolutely terrifies me, because a) I'm terrible at it and b) Do I even have any hobbies? No. But nothing like throwing yourself out in the deep end to try things out.

We all decided to give this a go as we aren't really feeling the online dating scene and any other meeting anyone scene. We probably spend the majority of our time in the gym all together rather than going out and meeting people anyway. Where do you even meet people now a days? 

We loved the idea of speed dating up until the day came around and we realised we were actually going. Then the fear kicked in and I realised I was actually dreading it! We decided to meet up for some nice gins to take the edge off beforehand, and they definitely helped us feel that little less nervous. Obviously don't get drunk beforehand, slurring and drooling on your speed date probably isn't a good luck!

It is a little bit how I expected it to be, albeit I was a lot more nervous than I anticipated. You walk in and get a badge with a number one, which you then sit at the numbered table with your little 'notes card'. We got paired with the guy with the same number as us to be our first date, mine 100% wasn't my type but surely 4 minutes can't be that long. When we walked in you get to see all the guys that you're inevitably going to be seeing throughout the hour you're there, so you can vet them beforehand. I think all 3 of us knew there was no one who caught our eye, but that didn't mean we wouldn't have something in common anyway! The age range was from 20 - 37, so I was a little dubious of sitting with someone older and them feeling like my Dad, but there was a good range of ages. 

The 4 minutes actually flew over, which I didn't expect. I expected the most boring ones would feel like an eternity, but it actually wasn't that bad. The time still flew over, especially for the ones who were quite funny, I didn't even get to ask them what they even did for joking about for 4 minutes. Although I didn't find anyone I particularly liked, it did prove the point that you can meet some people there who can even just be friends. 

When it ended we all went out for more drinks and had a laugh and made some new friends, so it wasn't all too bad after all.

The next day you go online to tick the guys you liked and didn't like, any of the guys that you liked you get their number and email sent to you. It also shows you who did like you/didn't like you too, which may not be the best thing as you can wonder what you did wrong. But me and the girls laughed it off and put it down to something you have to experience as a singleton. Although, we would much prefer to do a gym speed dating next time if they exist, so we can at least find something in common with some of them!

If you're single and need something to get you out your comfort zone, and maybe try and see what dating is all about, it's a good way to try it. As you know the 'date' isn't going to last long if you don't like them, and it lets you learn how to get passed the initial small talk!

Have you tried speed dating before?

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