Wednesday, 31 October 2018

What was my best holiday ever?

It’s actually hard to choose, although I bet you’re all already expecting me to say Bali. It’s actually been tough to choose between some from this year and some from last year. Last years trips were so different as I was newly single and discovering myself, and meeting my best friends. If it wasn’t for some of last years trips, I wouldn’t have my two best friends and I also wouldn’t have met other amazing people along the way too. Out of the likes of Amsterdam, Turkey, Majorca, Iceland, Germany, Bali and Benidorm, unsurprisingly it does have to be Bali. Maybe it’s because it was a completely new experience of culture and way of life I’ve never seen before, or how there was so much to do. But Bali has so far trumped, I loved all my other trips but my first experience of Asia has made me want to explore so much more.

What did I love about Bali over the other destinations?
Exploring! It may have been my first ever holiday where I’ve left the area I was staying to explore new islands, hotels, restaurants and beaches. I find that most Spanish holidays always resort in lying around the pool or beach and not exploring as much as I should. Maybe I need to leave the comfort of my resort/town on my next European holiday! I think as Bali was so affordable we didn’t worry about money or anything so we just knew we could enjoy ourselves!

What was my favourite memory of Bali?

I think my favourite thing to look back on way the swing over the rice paddies as it was so terrifying but amazing at the same time. I feel like I conquered a fear going on a swing where I knew I couldn’t get off and that there was no ground under me.

Another will always be swimming with turtles in the open sea. I only started going in the sea when I visited Turkey last year, they have the most beautiful beaches and clear seas. So from getting over my fear of being in the sea last year let me enjoy being able to swim in the open water and see amazing things like turtles and the coral reef. It’s something I definitely want to do more, it’s made me want to try new things like paddle boarding and scuba diving! (Hopefully my next trip).

Where was my favourite place in Bali?
Out of all the places I visited, Ubud was my favourite (with Canguu closely second). Ubud was so much more remote and less commercialised compared to the rest of the areas we visited. The area was so beautiful, there was amazing statues and temples all around and so much greenery. The view from our hotel and pool was possibly the best I'd seen and I wish I'd just had longer time to stay there!

What is the best thing about the Bali lifestyle?
Food and exercise! Who would have thought I'd go to CrossFit abroad every day and eat avocado? I just spent a weekend in Benidorm and the only food I consumed seemed to beige. So it was refreshing to go abroad and eat nice, healthy food! The Balinese traditional food was amazing too, peanut chicken satays and Mie Goreng.. yum!

I do hope that one day I'll be able to keep having amazing trips, I'm hoping some more of Asia one day! I may even treat myself to it as a graduation present! Another trip I'd love to experience is a safari, I absolutely loved the photos and stories my godmother came back with on her safari. While we were in Bali we met a family from Tanzania who told us the most amazing stories about where they lived, and I really want to experience a completely new place that I hadn't heard much of! (Another reason I want to visit Thailand is for the animal sanctuary's!).

Where would you love to experience? What has been your most memorable trip to date?

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