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Things to do in Wroclaw, Poland

Things to do in Wroclaw, Poland

So I've just came back from my first little trip to Wroclaw with Kirsty this weekend and it was so nice to experience a completely new country. Poland is somewhere I've been wanting to go for ages now but never had the chance, so when we saw flights with Ryanair for £36 we knew we needed to book them. We didn't check what was on whilst we were there, so we did miss the Christmas markets by 2 weeks.. but that's more of an excuse to do Krakow next year right?

Wroclaw Market Squares

Wroclaw square was exactly how I had imagined it to be, it was so bright and pretty. It's really hard to catch it on camera how bright it is, so you have to see it with your own eyes. On the smaller square, Plac Solny where we stayed, there is the prettiest flower markets. The markets are open 24 hours a day and have some of the most beautiful flowers, wish I could have brought some home!

On the main square, the Market Square, there is some amazing restaurants, bars, museums and street performers. It was lovely to sit and listen to the piano player on the Saturday afternoon, then further up the square you have people blowing the hugest bubbles everywhere. You may also see a giant panda! I really enjoyed sitting people watching here, which is something I love about Amsterdam too, there is plenty of nice cafes/ restaurants to sit outside in.


Now by far my favourite restaurant we visited was Umami Dumpling & Pasta Bar, although not traditional Polish food by any means but it was delicious. We got a starter to share, which was Beef Gyoza's, and they were amazing and trumped anything from Wagamama's! For our mains I got a Pad Thai as I cannot resist a good Pad Thai dish, and Kirsty grabbed the Chicken Dim-Sum which also looked delicious. If you want a change from the regular pizza and burger places, give this a go!

There is also now a Hard Rock Cafe in Poland, I like to go here for the novelty more than anything. They're always a fun thing to do in a city environment, but if you're only there a few days you're best off eating at all the other amazing restaurants!

If you're into Mexican food, we visited the relatively new Panczo which was about a 10 minute walk from the main squares. It is literally an Instagram paradise but with delicious food. For only having an enchilada (although I don't think they know what an enchilada is), I was absolutely stuffed until tea time! I couldn't even look at the donut we had taken back to the apartment.

Things to do in Wroclaw, Poland


Cathedral Island
We decided to rent bikes for our first day to get around to Cathedral Island a little quicker than walking in the cold, and it was so fun! We were a little wobbly at first but sharp got the hang of it, even though my brakes kept falling off.. the bikes cost us 40 zolty for 4 hours, which is £8. So not so bad really, as it's cheaper than getting taxi's anywhere and a bit more fun. You can also rent these little electric scooters for $1 a day, they're so fun to watch, but we probably didn't have the balance!

St Elizabeths Church
We also decided to climb the 300 plus steps to the top (91m high) to see the amazing views. It's a tiny narrow winding staircase, so be prepared to try and disappear into the wall to let people passed you! For someone who is scared of heights, I didn't expect to be so scared, maybe it was the small platform or the giant holes you could see through, but I had to stand around like a scaredy cat until moral support arrived. The views however were amazing of the market square, seeing all the vibrant buildings from above made them even prettier.

Market squares
Seeing the market squares was one of my favourite parts of Wroclaw, people watching with a nice cocktail or hot chocolate is my favourite. So you definitely need to explore here and stop for food and maybe a nice drink, as previously mentioned there is plenty of restaurants here!

Boat tours
A boat tour is something we tried to desperately do, but maybe it was the time of year, as no one was running boat tours cause there was little tourists. We needed the minimum of 5 people to go on the river cruise, so maybe we need to visit earlier next year!

If you haven't been to Poland yet, I would really recommend going. It's really made me want to go see the likes of Krakow and Warsaw too, so maybe they can be some of next years trips. Poland was the most unusual places I've visited so far, it wasn't the warmest of welcomes when you arrive places, which I'm used to. But nether the less, it didn't impact our trip and we still had a great time.

Have you visited Poland and Wroclaw before? What was your views on it?

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