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Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas Gift Guide

Every single year I struggle to buy Christmas presents, everyone I know already buys everything they need so when it comes to Christmas I'm at a loss. If I was rolling in money there is plenty I could probably buy people, but most things within my budget they treat themselves to. Or if you're like my Grandma, she hoards her Chanel perfumes I buy her, so I can only buy her them every few years. Possibly the easiest person I buy for is my cousin, and even this year I'm struggling with her, so here is a few of my ideas of simple buy nice presents!

Make up

Honestly, you can never go wrong with buying make up for some people. Whether they're like me and already have heaps or not, I always appreciate more goodies to use and try. There's been some good releases this year that I've been dying to get my hands on, and some I luckily managed to get already.

Eyeshadows are always an easy buy, I will always buy someone an Urban Decay Naked palette, like the newly released Cherry palette, or a good old Morphe palette. Urban Decay palettes always come in the best packaging, so the look pretty good for a gift of any occasion. I'll be grabbing the Cherry palette on payday for my cousin, so that's one of the gifts ticked off. Every Christmas I used to get a new limited edition Nars palette, and I haven't for a while, but that doesn't mean I don't gawp at them every year! They do some of the prettiest sets.

Another good brand in my eyes for Christmas limited editions is Kylie Cosmetics, I know some people don't love these but they're literally my go to favourite lipsticks and on my Christmas list this year. I couldn't resist asking for some more Lip Kits as mine are stating to run low.


Whether it's a sarcastic Christmas jumper from Boohoo (which £5 of the purchase cost goes to charity) or the cutest Royal British Legion Polar Bear jumper, or some pretty new outfits for Christmas day. Clothes never go a miss, unless you're dreadful at choosing them then maybe. But NastyGal (which is my new favourite) has some amazing deals on at the moment, and the likes of Boohoo, so there is loads of clothes to chose from.

I love getting something I can wear on Christmas Day as it's something I always reminisce about every time I wear it. Plus, who doesn't love an excuse to wear something new! Also, pyjamas never go a miss, I say this as I sit in my Grumpy Cat dressing gown I got for Christmas last year. For someone who loves coming home to pjs or Christmas Eve pjs, they can be one of the things someone gets the most use of!

Christmas Gift Guide

Home wear

I don't know who doesn't love a good candle at Christmas, but I love being inundated with them. My latest new craze for candles, other than TK Maxx's selection, is Taylor Benfield candles. They have the mini candles which remind me of Diptique, or the larger boxed candles. Their scents are supposed to remind you of your travels and my all time favourite is the Crimson Rose & Oud candle, which is full of the scents from Bali and makes me reminisce.

Other goodies will always include anything from TK Maxx's home wear section, so whether it's a photo frame, a mug, a random ornament, they literally have the best home wear.

Christmas Gift Guide

Skin care

Whether male or female, skin care can always be a good buy. Whether it's a skincare set, a bath bomb set from Lush (which never goes a miss), a beardie set or general luxe skin care it can't go wrong. My Godmother always buys the most nicest gifts and they're always by the nicest brands, so it's probably no surprise I love the likes of Skin Chemists. They do the best individual sets for someone and it's a brand I always revert back to. I always find that Debenhams do the prettiest gift sets too, L'Occitane will forever be a favourite gift set to give, they're just so colourful and fun.

Perfume / Aftershave

A gal can never have too many perfumes, I literally have a perfume in my handbags - mini ones and big ones depending on what I have. My latest favourite is the Thierry Mulger Extrodinaire and of course the trusty Alien. If you're going for a higher end perfume, I would also recommend Si.

Gift sets are normally my go to though, especially if it's for a male. They tend to use the weird body washes they come with more than women would. The Fragrance Shop always has the best deals on I have found, and they quite often have lunch times deals at my local store which is always handy!

Christmas Gift Guide


Sometimes even a cheeseboard can be the best gift, if that's what the person likes. I love getting sweets, chocolate etc at Christmas as it's the best excuse to eat it all! On Christmas day me and my family all take turns in who buys what. Some people buy the snacks, some get breakfast, parts of lunch and evening drinks/snacks. This year me and my Cousin are in charge of Christmas Dinner puddings and some evening snacks, so I've got something unusual for us to try. I've never tried caviar canap├ęs before, so it will be something new! (Of course we have the best cakes/cheesecakes for lunch too).

Every year I get my Nana shortbread in a Westie tin, she seems to love it every year and she is obsessed with westies. So sometimes even the little simple things you can add to a gift are just as good as anything!

Christmas Gift Guide


Jewellery is always a nice gift to give if you don't know what to get someone. Whether it's a beautiful Adexe Watch, or some cute little stocking fillers from Buckley. I don't often buy jewellery, but I always loved a Pandora ring when I had a other half, they do the sweetest jewellery if you want someone to have a keepsake. 

Stocking fillers can also have fab jewellery, Primark have an amazing selection of jewellery all the time. Not every item of jewellery you buy has to be expensive, my Mam is quite happy with a going out necklace from Primark in her Christmas box! 

Is there anything you swear by buying for Christmas?

I have so many different people to buy for there is never a gift guide that covers all, especially seeing as I bought my Dad an encyclopedia of Bodybuilding this year, that strays a little bit away from buying aftershave for Dad's!

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*Some of these items have been gifted, all views are my own.

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