Tuesday, 1 January 2019

2018 Year of Reflection

2018 has really tested me, it started off really well and had some amazing trips with my best friends. But towards the end turned to ever so slight turmoil which I'm hoping will look up in 2019. I've experienced a lot in the yoyo year of 2018, and love nothing more than a reflection on what I've been lucky, or even not so lucky to experience, and to then learn from these experiences.

I really want to work on myself more in 2019, I did quite well in 2018 until I had a huge set back and now I'm feeling that lonely lost feeling all over. I mean a month long trip to Bali would 100% solve this, but unfortunately my bank and credit card says it's a big no no. So instead I will have to concentrate on myself, and do what is best for me going forward. Whether that's finding a new gym, making new friends, and getting myself out there in the blogging world like I've always wanted to over the years. Unfortunately the late 2018 has me feeling like the uncool kid of the group in real life and blog life, think it's time to give myself a shake.

Cologne, Germany - February

Cologne Germany

Cologne was my first time in Germany and Germany was somewhere I'd always wanted to visit. Boy it was cold when we visited, albeit in February, but it meant I could wear a cosy fur coat so that was a perk. We spent our few days there eating lots of good burgers, drinking lots of beer and laughing. Ashton actually convinced us all to go here for one of her gigs, which in turn we made a weekend of it and went sightseeing. Wish we were all off here next year for the festival!

Bali, Indonesia - April

Bali Indonesia

This was my trips of all trips, which you can probably tell from Instagram, I still can't get over how full Bali made me feel. If I could go back right now I would in a heart beat. We climbed down waterfalls, tried the local foods, went scuba diving with turtles and just had the best time together. So much so, we all got tattoos as souvenirs to keep forever!

Crossfit Glacier Games - July

Crossfit Glacier Games

If you take me back to when I first started the gym, I wouldn't have dreamed to have done a Crossfit competition. Last sport I competed in was Trampolining and boy that was AGES ago. But I met some amazing people this past 2 years and they helped me in ways they probably don't even realise. It was such a fun experience and made me realise why I love this sport, I'm currently in a love hate relationship with the box at the moment but lets see what 2019 has.

Friendsfest - July

Friendsfest Newcastle

I wanted to go to Friendsfest the year before but didn't manage to get tickets, but this year me and my friend managed to grab them. We hit on with the nicest sunny day too, so definitely a perk as it was in a field and mostly outdoors! Don't trust anyone who doesn't like friends.

Hull - August

Humber sesh Hull

I love visiting the girls, we spend a lot of our time meeting abroad rather than the UK, but it's nice to visit a hometown every now and then. We actually made 2 trips to Hull this year but this one was sunny, filled with bands, cocktails and laughs. I love this little group of girls and couldn't actually cope without them now. This was the first I'd heard of Humber Sesh, but we thoroughly enjoyed watching different bands with beers all day.

Benidorm - October

Benidorm Hen do

Benidorm was pretty much what I expected it to be like, full of dive bars, questionable people, lots of alcohol, slight sunshine and blow up dolls. It was a hen do after all. We did discover the nice parts of old town, but didn't spend all too much of our time there as our apartment was at the entire opposite side of the bay. We had a great laugh though and I'd do it all over again!

Wroclaw, Poland - November

Wroclaw Poland

I'd always wanted to go to Poland after seeing Kirsty go like 8 million times, and I eventually got to go. We managed to find bargain flights so we booked them straight away. Typically we missed the Christmas markets by about 1 week, but we still had a laugh. One perk is that it was quieter than what it would be with the markets! We climbed up a 350 stair tower (heck), cycled around the city, tried lots of food and shots and enjoyed sightseeing... although we never did get on the boat tour.

Millican Wedding - November

Le Petit Chateau

It's crazy to think I've reached an age where my friends are all starting to get married! But in November I got to be part of my best friends wedding day, after many the crazy hen do's. Little did I know I'd become a blubbering mess instead of the usual hard faced cow, but the photographer nicely got lots of shots of me crying like he said he would. It was an amazing day throughout and loved being part of it!

2018 had a lots of ups and downs, but in October I changed jobs (again) and it was the best thing I've done. Instantly felt comfortable with them all and it's such a change to being miserable in my job for the past year. Hopefully this is for the long run, even though I still miss my old work colleagues from my first job, things are looking up. I've accomplished a lot this year, which a lot of it I can thank Ashton and Kirsty for. Here's to a better year in 2019 for us all!

Do you have any resolutions for 2019 or anything you want to accomplish? I've decided not to make resolutions this year, and just do things which make me happy. Surely that's a resolution in itself!

Happy New Year x

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