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Veganuary | Wagamama, Intu Metrocentre

Vegan menu - Wagamama, Intu Metrocentre
*This was a blog event, all views are my own!

Yes obviously I am not vegan, but I don’t think that means you can’t eat that vegan food or try out Veganuary. I find being vegan very tough, I’m a creature of habit and really struggle trying new foods, I literally eat the same things day in day out and have done since a child. So when the opportunity comes up to try new food I jump at the chance now, I really want to try new foods out and experience new things!

So in light of experiencing new things, I tried my very first vegan food in Wagamama this week. I was actually blown away too, it’s something I didn’t expect to be so delicious and never did I expect to prefer some of it over the food I'd usually order.

Vegan menu - Wagamama, Intu Metrocentre

Wagamama actually have quite an extensive amount of vegan food, and it’s all very different. So if you are vegan or just want to try more vegan options you are spoilt for choice. There is plenty of starters and sides, noodle dishes, curries, ramen and even the most delicious puddings. Again, who doesn’t love Wagamama regardless anyway?

These are what we got to try off the vegan menu:


Yasai Gyozas - steamed dumplings filled with vegetables
Edamame Beans - covered with chilli and salt
Wok-fried greens - tenderstem broccoli and bok choi with garlic and soy
Mixed mushroom and panko aubergine steamed buns


Vegatsu - panko coats seitan with curry sauce and sticky rice
Kare Buroso Ramen - tofu, noodles and vegetables
Yasai Yaki Soba - udon noodles with vegetables
Yasai Samla Curry - lemongrass and coconut curry with tofu


Lemongrass and lime sorbet
Pink guava and passionfruit sorbet

Vegan menu - Wagamama, Intu Metrocentre

All of the starters and sides were my absolute favourite, which I'm now going to get on every trip I take to Wagamama. It's actually the first time I've tried edamame beans still in the pod and I'm converted (and ate about 30). The gyozas literally tasted no different to the non-vegan ones and they're so delicious!

The main of all mains for me was 100% the Vegatsu, it was the best thing I've had that's vegan and something that I'd have again in a heartbeat. Another favourite of mine was the Yasai Yaki Soba, I get this quite often from the non-vegan menu, even without the meat or meat substitutes it was amazing. The other mains featured tofu, which I don't think I've quite accustomed too just yet. The dishes themselves were amazing, but I think I'd get them without tofu and maybe just seitan if I was to add an alternative.

Vegan menu - Wagamama, Intu Metrocentre

The puddings on the other hand, were amazing. They need packed up and sold in stores, as I could quite happily sit and eat the tub while I'm binging Punisher at current.

I'm definitely going to keep up trying and eating more vegan foods, the more I can convert myself to eating helps that little tiny percent. I applaud anyone who does full vegan, but with all the alternatives like Wagamama are offering, it's a good life!

Have you tried any of this range yet? What types of vegan food have you had or love?

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