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Why I fell in love with CrossFit

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I know everyone always says the gym is good for your mental health etc. but I find the gym really daunting and scary. The thought of going to the gym on my own absolutely terrifies me. Maybe cause I don’t even know what to do there if I did go. I’d love to be one of those insta babes in the gym doing all the random exercises, but in reality I feel like a tit surrounded by strangers. So when I did go to the ‘gym’ I’d only do weight classes and even that took me ages to be able to go on my own. But with gym classes I don’t really feel I had a community, I was still surrounded by strangers, but just strangers I’d see every day instead.

So two years ago I managed to convince a few of the work girls to go to a free taster at our local CrossFit gym, CrossFit Gaia. Dear god it was hard work and I think a few of us left broken for days. I went on holiday the day after it and could barely reach my cocktail for how much doms I have in my arms. But two of us stuck at it, signed up to a month to see how it went. We would both only really go if each other did, so it took a while to get into the full swing of it, but then my friend started to come less and less and I eventually decided to just get up and go alone. It wasn’t as scary as I anticipated and I made friends a lot quicker than I thought.

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The difference with CrossFit is that you have time in your classes before, during and after to all talk and joke on. There isn’t any strictness and everyone just wants to enjoy it and have a laugh when doing so. You do group workouts and partner workouts so you can get to know people you'r with more and there is always the opportunity for competitions (if you're competitive) too. I did a competition last July and it was so much more fun than I imagined. We all had a laugh, ate lots of haribo and got cheered on by our fellow gym buds.


The community your box has (as long as it's a good one) is my favourite part. I've met some lovely people through CrossFit that I probably wouldn't have met otherwise. People from all sorts of walks of life that you all have mutual interest in something, can be some of the nicest people you will meet too. I like the fact that you've had a crap day and you can go and let off some steam surrounded by a nice bunch, and even a few people to natter to before/after class. As you need a membership to go to a box/done CrossFit before, the people you know there are the people you see day in day out. Whereas in a normal gym people come and go quite often, so you don't quite make a group of friends.

Why I fell in love with Crossfit


I used to love doing the likes of Bodypump/weights classes when I went to the gym, but I knew when I did things they weren't too right. No one really teaches you to squat properly, to deadlift properly etc. So it's actually quite easy to injure yourself without even realising. I started to get bad knees doing Bodypump and I wasn't sure why until I looked up how to do certain movements. I'd been doing them slightly wrong for so many years, to the point I'd started to cause an injury that I still haven't got rid of. CrossFit has an instructor who is constantly watching your movements, they won't let you stick heavy or any weights on until you can get it right. Which is good for people just starting out and people wanting to get better.

It's different

You can turn up to spinning, functional training, bootcamp and the routines will stay mostly the same. Whereas each day we go to a class it's something different. We rarely do the same thing unless it's a hero workout, which we quite often do on a weekend. Our classes usually start off with a 'skill' which is where you learn how to do a particular movement e.g. squat clean, deadlift etc. Then afterwards we have a 'wod' (workout of the day), which can be loads of variations of movements and even running etc. I like the fact I'm working on my cardio and strength all at once, rather than having to do a multitude of different classes etc. at the gym.


I always find everyone so motivating at my box, seeing someone smash a workout just before you're doing it really gives you that extra push, or even when you're struggling a little and everyone cheers you on. Knowing your coach and peers have your back is a good feeling. Though I do still have off days when I'm last and struggling and just really want to give up, but just know that tomorrow you can try all over again.


I'm definitely more of a watcher than a partaker for the competitions as I'm not competitive at all, but I do really enjoy that side of it. Whether its going along and cheering on one of my friends, doing an in-house one, or watching the games on Netflix/Facebook. I did do a local competition last June and really enjoyed it, but we more so just enjoyed the atmosphere more than anything else. It was nice to have a group of our friends there cheering us on too!

Why I fell in love with Crossfit

How I feel in myself

Not only do I feel fitter than I have ever been, I feel better mentally and in how I look. I like the fact I can feel myself getting stronger, whether it's out walking the dogs or moving stuff around at home. I like the fact I could climb up all 300 stairs in Wroclaw and not feel tired. I like how I think about myself now, I still have the off days but I know how much better I feel for how I look. I like the feeling of accomplishment when I've finally learnt a movement, or got a new PB. IT's done wonders for my confidence in some ways, at one point I wouldn't even turn up on my own and now I couldn't care less.

I never thought I'd fall in love with a gym as much as I have, and I'm really glad I stuck at it. I'm happy for the people I have met, how far I've come and how good I feel when I leave. It's a good feeling to have a hobby for once, and I love learning as I go along and seeing how I better myself.

Why not check out a CrossFit box near you? What is it you really enjoy doing? Have you ever considered CrossFit?

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